Bride hits back after husband exposed week after wedding

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A woman has made the best out of a tricky situation, editing all of her wedding snaps and replacing her husband with some of her famous crushes instead.

The woman, who goes by the name @quinlanalexandra on TikTok, took to her social media account to reveal a hilarious video, which she captioned: “I’m not letting my wedding photos go to waste”.

Photo: TikTok/quinlanalexandra
Photo: TikTok/quinlanalexandra

The slideshow shows the former bride looking stunning on her big day, standing alongside her ex-husband.

Using a bit of clever editing, the woman Photoshopped in some of her favourite celebrities’ faces where her husband’s once was.


Chris Hemsworth, Zac Efron and Harry Styles all flash up on the screen, making for one very unusual wedding album indeed.

“This is incredible,” one person commented, while another said: “You’re better than me. I deleted all mine.”

In a series of TikTok videos, the woman claimed she discovered just one week after her wedding that her husband had been cheating on her with “too many women to count”.

Photo: TikTok/quinlanalexandra
Photo: TikTok/quinlanalexandra
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She was just 23 when they tied the knot and a week after the wedding her former husband’s ex reportedly sent her screenshots of texts he had allegedly sent her a few weeks previously.

In the messages, it’s claimed the man told his ex that he was “single and lonely”.

“So when I ran home from work and confronted him about it, he said, 'you’re overreacting’,” she explained.

Photo: TikTok/quinlanalexandra
Photo: TikTok/quinlanalexandra

It's alleged he told her that he would never cheat on her. However, when she looked through his computer and iMessages, she claims she found “so many threads with other women”.

In another video, she said: “If I could go back in time I wouldn’t change anything. I’m so thankful for the years that we spent together and all of our memories that were real. Even though there was a lot going on under the surface that I didn’t know about, he always made me feel so loved and cared for.

“I had a gut feeling but I couldn’t figure out why. There weren’t any obvious red flags, everyone thought we had a great relationship.

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