The profession most likely to cheat will surprise you

There’s no telltale way to spot a cheater – but a survey is saying one detail may be a huge indicator: their profession.

According to Victoria Milan, an affair dating website, people working in finance are most likely to stray from their partners.

The site analysed 5,650 user profiles and discovered that 20 per cent came from this same notoriously-stressful industry.

New Aussie study reveals that those working in finance are most likely to cheat on their partner. Photo: Getty Images
New Aussie study reveals that those working in finance are most likely to cheat on their partner. Photo: Getty Images

Of the site’s users, 21 per cent of the women profiled were bankers, brokers or analysts. The profession ringing in at second most likely to cheat? Those who spend their time in the clouds – such as pilots and flight attendants.

Healthcare professionals, business owners and sports pros rounded out the top five.

The survey also discovered that 65 per cent of women admitted to sleeping with a coworker, but 85 per cent of those who had done it said they wouldn’t recommend it.

The types of cheaters out there

Relationship expert Louanne Ward told the Daily Mail that cheaters can be categorised into three areas: the accidental cheater, the once-off cheater and the serial cheater.

The accidental cheater is someone who meets someone new and, in a turn of events, believes their feelings for their partner have changed.

“They will start by talking about a new person at work, at golf or tennis club etc. and you won’t think too much about it until it starts to almost become awkward,” she said.

As the attraction grows suddenly, your partner stops talking about the random stranger who has crept their way into just about every conversation for the past few months. Then like magic, poof, they disappear and there is no mention of this mystery person.”

The once-off cheater occurs when someone has a momentary lapse of judgment during a break from their regular routine. While it begins innocently enough, Ward believes this type of cheater won’t follow through with their promises to their partner.

The serial cheater is a known thrill seeker. Constantly chasing the excitement of having an affair and getting away with it, this person is unlikely to stay committed for long.

“This type of cheater is a repeat offender,” said Ward.

“Getting away with the crime gives them the power fix they desire as typically they have a narcissistic personality.”

How to spot a cheat

The key signs to watch for? According to Ward: staying late at work, requesting “time alone,” unexpected gifts and declarations of love, and accusations of insecurity.

While the statistics surrounding finance professionals is interesting, Ward says it’s best to trust your instinct when it comes to relationships.

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