Boomers Are Sharing Things That Gen Z'ers And Millennials Will Never Understand And It's Mostly True, TBH

On Friday, Reddit user u/MatsGry asked boomers, "What's something today's youth would never understand?" Obviously, some of them are up for debate, but it's super interesting to see what customs no longer really apply in today's society.

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Here's what they said:

1."Calling the movie theater to hear the recording with the movie times on it."


2."There was a military draft for the Vietnam War. We’d have to watch a draft lottery to see if our number would be low enough that we’d be drafted to fight in a war."


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3."Because we didn't always have cellphones, people could not always get a hold of you, and it was a good thing."


4."Needing to do a report on a topic. No internet. No encyclopedia on CD. You'd have to go to the actual library — just to find someone in your class already grabbed the one book on the subject."


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5."Opening up the newspaper to look at the TV guide to see what was on that night."


6."OMG, smoking EVERYWHERE — in theaters, planes, offices, hospitals, trains, restaurants, schools. And then the outrage when it was finally banned."


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7."If there were two shows on TV at the same time that day, you had to make a choice. There was a time with no DVR, VCR, OnDemand, etc."


8."Waiting for your favorite song to come on the radio. I would call radio stations requesting a song, just so I could tape it."


9."The excitement of going to a video rental store on the weekends to pick out a movie. Actually picking one out was just as exciting as watching the movie."


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10."Memorizing phone numbers."


11."Taking photos using those little rolls of film and having to take them into a shop for processing. You often wouldn't know if any of the photos were good until a couple of months later. You also had to manually wind on the camera after every shot."


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12."In a bar or at a party, you could dance on the table naked and do the craziest stuff. The next morning, you could categorically deny that it ever happened and no one — absolutely no one — could ever show you a video on their phone that it did happen."


13."Being stuck on a toilet for a little bit and reading the shampoo bottles, packages on bars of soap, and whatever else might be within grabbing distance of the toilet. You didn't have a phone to entertain you."


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14."Drive-in restaurants with car hops. A line of parking places under a canopy. Each had a speaker. They brought the food on a tray that attached to the driver’s open window. Dad ate off the tray. Mom opened the glove box and used the door for a tray. It had little indentations for cups. The kids just ate off their laps. We could have eaten inside, sitting at a table, or taken the food home, but this was more fun."


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15."History Channel, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and a bunch of other cable networks that are now dedicated to absolutely bottom-tier garbage reality TV shows. Those networks used to play amazing nonstop documentary TV."


16."Getting in your vehicle and driving to your friend's house to see if they were home. No cellphones. Gas was cheap. Driving was freedom."


So, Gen Z'ers and millennials, it's YOUR turn! What are some things — good or bad — that BOOMERS will never understand? Share in the comments below!