Bluey fans are losing their minds over hidden detail in show: 'Makes so much sense!'

It's not the first time the show's creators have left hidden messages for fans.

It’s the beloved show that makes kids laugh and adults cry thanks to their smart, and wildly accurate, parenting storylines. And now adult Bluey fans are losing their minds over a cryptic, yet clever hidden detail in the show.

The 2018 Aussie-made cartoon, which follows the adventures of the Heeler family, has taken over the world and has just as many big fans as it does little ones with an Adult Bluey Fans Facebook page racking up just under 385,000 members.

One eagle-eyed fanatic spotted an interesting hidden detail in the show that has sparked a heated debate over what it all means.

“My husband pointed this out to me, so I'm sharing this cool detail. The licence plate means blue heeler,” the fan wrote alongside a clip from the show that shows the family car with the number plate 419 HLR.

Bluey Hidden Message
The hidden message in the family car number plate has delighted adult Bluey fans. Photo: Bluey Onesies episode.

But while most knew that the HLR was short for Heeler, the number 419 wasn't so obvious.


“419 is the colour code for Cyan Blue, HLR - short for Heeler,” the woman explained.

The colour code 419 she is referring to is the hex code that the creators of Bluey supposedly used to create the colour of the title character and her dad, Bandit Heeler.

A hex code is a numerical way of representing a colour and is used primarily in web design. The codes combine three values - the amounts of red, green and blue in a particular shade of colour and are usually made up of six numbers and letters.

The post racked up over 18,000 likes from fans seemingly confirming the hidden detail. But the post also sparked some debate about whether the theory was on the money.

While some explained that the 419 number represented the colour Blue, meaning the number plate is code for Blue Heeler, others discussed whether the hex code was the exact blue of the characters.

One person pointed out that the 419 hex code was purple, which could represent both the blue heelers Bandit and Bluey as well as the red heelers in the family including Mum Chilli and sister Bingo.

"I think the best explanation I've seen so far is that it is the hex code for purple, and it's a family of blue and red heelers combined," the fan said.

However, another pointed out that the code needed the fff at the end to represent the colour everyone was talking about. “It comes from #419fff, a hexadecimal code that represents the blue colour of the heelers!”

A hex colour swatch appears to be the same colour as Bluey.
While some debated it, the hex colour looks very similar to the colour of characters Bluey and Bandit. Photo: Supplied

“419 is the official colour for Bluey and Bandit,” a third person confirmed.

Meanwhile, others speculated that it could mean something else - with theories ranging from the date the first episode aired to the area code where the car the Heeler family drives is made. However, the general consensus was that the car number was indeed a nod to the dog's blue colour.

"It's amazing how much thought went into making this cartoon!" one person said, commenting on the post, while another said: "I always wondered about the numbers! Hex code makes so much sense, that's adorable."


It’s a real car

Apart from offering this cool piece of information, it was also revealed that the car actually exists in real life! One Bluey fan went ahead and searched the Queensland Transport and Motoring Office for the number plate revealing that it exists and is the number plate of a car similar to one the Heeler family drives.

Bluey Hidden Message
Bluey fans said they have spotted the number plate in real life. Photo: Facebook

“If you do a QLD government rego check on that number plate, it comes up with the Heeler family's 2022 Jeep Gladiator. Cool Easter egg,” one person said, with another confirming they had seen the car in their suburb. “There's a car where I live with the license plate 419 HLR,” they said.

More hidden messages

It’s not the first time the show’s creators have left cryptic clues and hidden messages for fans to find. Last year they created an “eye-spy” game with hidden Dachshunds or sausage dogs in every episode. The secret dogs have been included in each show since episode one with fans not noticing until later on in the series.

Lead background artist Nick Rees confirmed to ABC News Australia that the hidden dogs were originally meant only for the crew but became so much fun to hide and find them that they added more to each episode.

Many people on the post also pointed out that another family on the show, the Dalmatians live at number 101, a nod to the well-loved Disney cartoon.

One person pointed out that another one of the licence plates on Bluey had a less cryptic meaning behind it, with secondary character Bella, Coco's mum having the licence plate 2MNYKIDS - meaning too many kids - on her car. The character had nine children.

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