Fans' brutal response to Bec Judd on The Block

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Bec Judd may finally be out of lockdown alongside her fellow Melburnians, but it seems the Instagram personality has lost a fair chunk of her fans in the isolation process.

The AFL WAG appeared on The Block on Wednesday evening as a guest judge, but a few fans of the show hadn’t much time for the Melbourne mum.

Bec Judd The Block 2020 appearance savaged by fans
Bec Judd's guest appearance on The Block went down like. a lead balloon. Photo: Nine

Bec’s appearance on the show sparked a savage reaction on Twitter with dozens of furious, and brutal, observations being sent out.

“Free Melbourne from Bec Judd,” one person wrote.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“Can we stop giving Bec Judd f**king airtime? #TheBlock” another asked.

“Who decided that Bec Judd should be advised on everything that happens in Australia?” another asked.

Others couldn’t believe the hate she was getting online, with one person writing: “You know I probably wouldn’t favour much of Bec Judd but the level of hatred for her just seems petty and overly personal.”

It comes after the mum of four backflipped on her pro-lockdown stance when it began to impact her home in Brighton.

Bec’s lockdown backflip: From lockdown to ‘Dictator Dan’

Bec Judd in Free Melbourne T-shirt
Bec's 'Free Melbourne' T-shirt was her last anti-lockdown dig. Photo: Instagram

Earlier this year the mum of four called for individual, and coincidently poorer, suburbs to be locked down to contain the spread of coronavirus, but rebelled at the orders when it later became mandatory across Melbourne, including in her home suburb, the affluent Brighton.

Bec became a vocal critic of Victorian premier Dan Andrews on social media, calling him ‘dictator Dan’ at the height of the lockdown and accusing him of locking Victorian in their homes.

She also appeared in a T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan ‘Free Melbourne’ in an Instagram story last week, to the fury of former fans and fellow Melburnians.

Mainly criticised for her ‘tone-deaf’ attitude to her privileged position, and inconsistent messaging around lockdown procedures when it impacted her versus when it didn’t, Bec’s found herself courting newfound unpopularity that reared its head after she popped up on TV screens last night.

The Block fans blast Bec Judd’s cameo

Image of Bec Judd on The Block 2020 as a guest judge fans angry
Fans took to Twitter to criticise the show's choice to have Bec on. Photo: Twitter/ theblock

Some gave The Block the benefit of the doubt, assuming the controversial personality had been filmed on the show months in advance.

“Yeah #TheBlock, Bec Judd hey,” the person observed. “Poor choice looking back on it now hey.”

"Free Melbourne from Bec Judd,” another wrote.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Others wondered if the wealthy Brighton-based influencer would be able to stay in the smaller townhouses.

Bec Judd wouldn’t be able to spend 5 days locked down in these apartments,” one person wrote.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

One person hoped the show might fire off some spicy questions, a wish that sadly didn’t come true.

Ask Bec Judd how hard lockdown is in her mansion,” one fan wrote.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Bec’s fall from favour comes after a year of out of touch posts which rubbed fellow Aussies the wrong way.

During this summer’s devastating bushfires, the mum copped a roasting over an ‘out of touch’ post about the drought-related dust storm that saw large swaths of Eastern Australia covered in red dust in January.

The TV presenter shared Instagram stories complaining that her home’s pool in Melbourne’s beachside suburbs was left dirty.

Meanwhile, rural areas who were suffering in the drought and the aftermath of the Summer’s deadly bushfires were blanketed in the thick dust, and had business and work suspended.

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