Kris Jenner video leaves fans baffled: 'Is this AI?'

The 67-year-old's youthful new look had fans begging her to leave the filters alone.

We may live in a world of filters and Facetuning but a recent celebrity Instagram post left fans completely baffled about the appearance of reality star and 'momager' Kris Jenner.

In the video, the camera pans around Kris posing for the shot, but she's looking very filtered and very, well, robotic. The video is dubbed with a voiceover of Kris and her daughter Khloe Kardashian from an episode of The Kardashians.

The video was uploaded by makeup artist Samer Khouzami, who also shared a gallery of pics of Kris looking like she had skin smoother than a newborn baby.

While there's no denying the 67-year-old looks incredible with or without a filter, her overly smooth appearance had fans leaving some very baffled comments about what was going on in the editing process of the video and images.

Kris Jenner debuts very youthful appearance in a recent Instagram post
Kris Jenner's youthful appearance in a recent Instagram post has left fans baffled. Photo:


"Is this AI?," writer and producer Tracie Morrisey commented.

"What the hell is happening that’s not her face," another person said.

"Can we take the filter off and see the actual makeup…" one person asked.

"If you watch her hair the filter even glitches as she moves," another person pointed out.

A few people were holding out hope that the video was indeed AI and that the makeup artist and Kris were just playing a prank.


"It’s AI people, I’m sure they did it as a joke to see reactions," one person said.

And then FaceTune came in with the winning comment.

"This is a great time to tell everyone we have Facetune for videos," they commented.

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