Bizarre image claims to show 'UFO' with alien inside

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Conspiracy theorists believe a bizarre photo sent to UFO investigators shows a glowing craft in a field with an actual alien inside.

The photo is believed to have been taken in May 1980, but has resurfaced online after it was submitted to the Mutual UFO Network for investigation.

Taken in the region of Manchester in New Hampshire, USA, the grainy photo shows what looks like a muddy farming field just before sunset.

In the distance there is a bright blob and when investigators zoom in on the image in the video above there appears to be a dark shape in front of the ‘craft’.

The footage was posted to YouTube by UFOmania.

The image on a farm was taken in May 1980. Photo: Youtube

“The UFO hoovered for a second, turned and then took off,” the report claimed.

Many joked about the image unsure what to think.

“Apparently that alien drives a space Prius,” one person joked.

“He is relaxing like me on a beach,” another added.

It was sent to investigators who zoomed in and spotted the ‘alien’ figure. Photo: Youtube

“Looks like a tent with a lantern inside,” was one persons suggestion.

True believers however were blown away by the image.

“Caught them,” one excited person commented.

“Ive gotten so used to seeing all different kinds of aliens/demons it’s hard to get shocked by any images anymore,” wrote another.

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