Billie Eilish Said She "Should Have A PhD In Masturbation" And Shared How Self-Pleasure Has Changed Her Relationship With Her Body

Billie Eilish is a big fan of masturbation.

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In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the singer revealed how masturbation has impacted her relationship with her body. "TMI, but self-pleasure is an enormous, enormous part of my life, and a huge, huge help for me," she said. "People should be jerking it, man. I can’t stress it enough, as somebody with extreme body issues and dysmorphia that I’ve had my entire life."

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The 22-year-old joked that she "should have a PhD in masturbation" and said she enjoys touching herself in front of a mirror. "Partly because it’s hot, but it also makes me have such a raw, deep connection to myself and my body, and have a love for my body that I have not really ever had," she explained.

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The pop star said looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking positively about your appearance is incredibly helpful. She recommended setting up the situation so you can feel confident and listed things like dim lighting, outfits, and flattering positions, which can all help people feel good about themselves.

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"I have learned that looking at myself and watching myself feel pleasure has been an extreme help in loving myself and accepting myself, and feeling empowered and comfortable."

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Billie also shared that sex is how she decompresses, and that sex is something she talks about whenever she can.

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"That’s literally my favorite topic. My experience as a woman has been that it’s seen in such a weird way. People are so uncomfortable talking about it, and weirded out when women are very comfortable in their sexuality and communicative in it. I think it’s such a frowned-upon thing to talk about, and I think that should change," she concluded.

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You can read the full Rolling Stone interview here.