'An actual goddess': Bikini guru reveals surprise six-year body transformation

For so many of us, the words ‘body transformation’ instantly spark images of shedding weight.

Be it weight or clothing size, accepting that gain can be as healthy and life-changing a transformation as loss is a concept still in its infancy, but one Aussie influencer is battling to change that this week, after sharing a very rare kind of jaw-dropping transformation to Instagram.

Karina Irby poses in Moana coloured bikini smiling
Karina Irby is challenging the traditional 'body transformation'. Photo: Instagram/ karinairby

Karina Irby is a designer and model, and the brains behind cult bikini brand Moana Bikini which is famous for its diverse models and body-positive messaging.

As it turns out, that philosophy is embodied, quite literally, by its creator who this week celebrated her body’s changes over six years with an inspiring before and after shot.

In the first image, taken six years ago, the stunning entrepreneur faces away from the camera, with a petite frame clad in one of her best selling bikinis.

In the second, she glances over her shoulder, rocking a notably curvier frame, her toned and rounded derriere proudly displayed in a very skimpy G-string bikini.

“Facebook notified me of this memory this morning,” she captioned the image. “A baby Karina from [six] years ago!”

“It’s crazy to think that my mindset, goals, business and priorities have developed more than my actual physical body!”

She went on to reveal to her fans that she is ‘happier, healthier and more carefree’ today compared with her past self, and says she is proud of what she has achieved both physically and mentally.

Three women pose in moana bikini brand body diversity
Karina's Moana Bikini brand is famous for celebrating all bodies in its brightly-coloured bikinis. Photo: Instagram/MOANA_BIKINI

“I celebrate my mind and body everyday,” she wrote, going on to refute any suggestion that she has had any surgical enhancement like a Brazilian Butt Lift on her body with a pointed remark.

”And just like my body, my business has never been injected with outsider money,” she wrote. “It’s grown strongly and organically with lots of love and hard work.”

“I can’t wait to see what the next [six] years will bring!”

‘Embrace your bloat!’ Karina’s body positive message

Karina Irby poses in Moana bikini with bloated belly
Karina is an advocate for leaning into your bloated belly. Photo: Instagram/karinairby

Karina has built up a loyal fan base with her posts celebrating the body quirks many try to ignore, or are ashamed of.

The designer often shares snaps of her stomach while it’s bloated in everything from bikinis to gym pants, even staging a ‘realistic’ doughnut campaign earlier this year to the delight of fans.

Many were quick with praise for the designer’s latest post, thanking her for the relatable snap and philosophy.

“You're beautiful!!” one wrote. “You've given me so much confidence in my own body that I've hated for so long. I still struggle. But your positive outlook has helped a lot!!”

“Love the photo on the right the most because as per your caption, you are healthier and happier than ever before and that what this transformation is about,” another agreed.

“Gone from being cute to being majestic as heck,” was one woman’s highest praise.

“SO FREAKING PROUD!” one fan gushed. “You are an actual goddess.”

“And how dang hot do you look!” another pointed out. “Fit, healthy and banging!”

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