Woman shares 'game-changing' bikini hack online

Kristine Tarbert
·Features and Health Editor
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TikTok is flooded with hacks and creative ways to get the most out of a host of different things in life, and now another incredibly simple bikini hack has taken off.

This one uses bikini bottoms as tops, creating a completely new look, and for one woman who tried the trick and shared her experience on the popular platform - it's a total game changer.

"The support I've always wanted has been found!" she says in a video.

tiktok bikini hack
This bikini hack turns your bottoms into your top. Photo: TikTok

Tanya Marie has over 400K followers and posted her take on the bottoms-turned-top idea this month.

"She's on to something and I want to know if it works," she said in response to another woman showcasing the hack herself.


Despite some initial difficulty getting the bottoms over her head and arm, the end result left her amazed.

"This one is amazing, this one works, this one is grand," Tanya exclaimed.

"I can do anything! Look I can jump!"

bikini hack test on TikTok
There was a struggle initially. Photo: TikTok
hack on TikTok for bikini bottoms
But then the result was amazing. Photo: TikTok

The hack was very popular among her followers who promptly joked about all the stores now selling out of just their bikini bottoms.

"Love! The top looks amazing, I'm going to have to try," one person commented.

"Excuse me what?? Why have I never thought of this before," was another response.

A few did point out one small problem they might face - thanks to the uber-risqué bikini trend of teeny tiny bottoms.

"My bottoms are too small for my top," one person quipped.

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