Big W shopper scores $54 worth of chocolates for just $4: 'Dream haul'

When it comes to serious markdown hauls, it doesn't get much sweeter than this.

Victorian shoppers have gone crazy for some serious savings across the Cadbury chocolate range at their local Big W stores and their hauls are a chocolate lover's dream come true.

Discounted Cadbury Caramilk chocolates from Big W
The bargain chocolate score from Big W has been called the best possible markdown haul you can get. Source: Facebook

One shopper from South Yarra shared that she scored $54 worth of chocolate for just $4.05.

Calling it her “win of the week,” the woman happily showed off her haul on Facebook.

Her bargain shop included three 315g blocks of Caramilk chocolate for just 46 cents reduced from $6 and several blocks of Caramilk, Pineapple and Breakway chocolate blocks for 35 cents, down from $5.

'It's a dream haul'

“Got this all from Big W South Yarra. They still had some left. Was such a good score,” the woman wrote, adding they were found at the reduced section at the checkouts.

Unsurprisingly, fellow bargain shoppers were impressed, calling it a "dream haul."

"How does it feel to be absolutely winning at life?" one person joked.


"DAMN... I AM SOOOO JEALOUS!!!!" added another, with a third sharing, "Pretty sure that’s a win of the century."

And she wasn't the only lucky shopper to pick up with sweet savings.

Others scored big too

In a separate post, another Victorian shopper picked up a massive amount of large Caramilk chocolate blocks on sale too.

“Big W ruined my diet, $1 Geelong still heaps left,” she said alongside a picture of a full trolley of chocolate.

Cadbury Caramilk chocolate blocks filling a trolley at Big W
One Big W shopper filled an entire trolley with the discounted Caramilk chocolate. Source: Facebook

Naturally, it wasn't long before fellow shoppers rushed into their local Big W to try to find the same sale, with many hoping to have Easter sorted.

"Yum! I was there this morning and they weren’t that price. Lucky you," one person said.

"I remember when people were selling them for $10 a block. What a bargain, it's my fave," added another, while another said, “Holy hell wish I could get this bargain!”

Other shoppers suggested using the huge Caramilk stash to make desserts. With that amount of chocolate you’d be able to make a year's worth of treats!

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