Mum's baby gift dilemma sparks debate: 'Honestly save your money'

A mum has started a debate online after asking for advice on what she should buy her three-month-old child for Christmas.

The woman took to a popular retail store Facebook mum’s group to ask the question, writing: “Hi all. My little boy will be 3 months old at Christmas time. What on earth do you buy a 3 month old for Christmas?”

Young boy opening present
A mum's question about what to buy her three-month-old for Christmas has stirred debate. Photo: Getty Images

While many relayed the items they themselves had bought for their babies at that age, others couldn’t get over the fact that the mum was spending so much time thinking about a gift for a child so young.

“Nothing…save it for when he’s old enough to know. Some keepsake ornaments and such like but really going overboard is a waste,” one person replied.


Others simply commented “nothing”, telling the mum to enjoy the time she has left without having to purchase gifts.

“At 3 months do they really need anything? A Toy that says 'My first Christmas'” another person said.

“Honestly save your money..they don't know any different and won't feel left out,” a commenter wrote.

“A 3 month old doesn’t know it is Xmas and couldn’t care less, just be the good mummy you will be and shower him in love, affection and attention as I am sure you will do every day from the moment he is born,” a person wrote.

Woman opening baby gifts
The question started a debate online. Photo: Getty Images

Others understood the mum just wanted to spoil her new bub with gifts and made some recommendations, with one person saying: “Start a bank account and deposit $$$”

“Buy things that you can use later in the year, as your little one gets older,” another person wrote, while another said: “Some sort of teeter or toy that makes music. From my experience don’t buy much everyone else goes crazy for you on their first Christmas haha”

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