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Someone's workplace behaviour can relate to their behaviour at home. Photo: Getty

New research has found a link between someone’s personal and professional behaviour, concluding that men who do this particular thing at work are “significantly” more likely to cheat on their partners.

With the help of data released during the 2015 hack of infidelity website Ashley Madison, researchers examined the connection between professional and personal misconduct and found a link between men who engage in workplace misconduct and infidelity.

“Despite its limitations, Ashley Madison usage provides us with a unique large-sample measure to empirically analyse an important question that has previously been addressed solely with speculation and anecdotes,” researchers John M. Griffin and Samuel Kruger from the University of Texas and Gonzalo Maturana from Emory University said in the results published in the scientific journal PNAS.

Ashley Madison cheating website
Researchers used information from the Ashley Madison hack. Photo: Ashley Madison

In order to come up with this result, researchers looked at professional behaviour within four different groups.

Those included police officers in Chicago with complaints against them, white-collar criminals currently facing proceedings, financial advisors/officers and chief executives of firms that are known to engage in misconduct.

Using their names, as well as other identification methods, they could then link people to an Ashley Madison account.

Man putting business suit on and leaving sleeping mistress in bed, cheating
Those engaged in misconduct are more likely to cheat, new research reveals.

The results revealed within the control groups of both police officers and financial advisors only 1.3 and 1.4 per cent respectively had paid Ashley Madison transactions, whereas the group who engaged in misconduct sat at 2.9 and 3.3 per cent.

Researchers said the results proved a strong link between unethical behaviour in personal as well as a professional setting.

“As such the #MeToo movement’s focus on eliminating sexual misconduct may have the auxiliary effect of reducing fraudulent workplace activity,” they added.

The profession most likely to cheat

A recent Aussie survey also revealed someone’s profession can come into play when it comes to how likely a person is to cheat on their partner.

According to Victoria Milan, an affair dating website, people working in finance are most likely to stray from their partners.

The site analysed 5,650 user profiles and discovered that 20 per cent came from this same notoriously-stressful industry.

Of the site’s users, 21 per cent of the women profiled were bankers, brokers or analysts. The profession ringing in at second most likely to cheat? Those who spend their time in the clouds – such as pilots and flight attendants.

Healthcare professionals, business owners and sports pros rounded out the top five.

The survey also discovered that 65 per cent of women admitted to sleeping with a coworker, but 85 per cent of those who had done it said they wouldn’t recommend it.

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