Big Brother's Trevor talks about Dave nominating him: 'Bloody idiot'

Trevor was confused when Dave listened to Tim, and believes Brenton should have been evicted instead.

Video transcript

TREVOR BUTLER: Yeah, I was really surprised. I was sitting on the couch. And then, hey, guys, are you ready? And I looked at it and went, oh, you bloody idiot. Why the hell did you put me there? And he put me up with two of the young-- the two youngest girls in there who I was, like, looking after and just making sure they were getting through it.

Like, it wasn't-- I thought, you have the perfect chance to put Brenton up there, but he didn't. Yeah, because I was thinking Brenton, two newbies would have been perfect. And then we just got Brenton out because he's only new and we didn't really have any connection with him. [CHUCKLES].

Yeah, Tim. I did know. Yeah, it's just seems weird because, like, I had their backs. So for a move like that, but for Dave to do that as well is just silly. He should've just went with his gut. But that's what happens. So, yeah, can't change the past.

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