Big Brother's Tully Smyth slammed by doctor over controversial Covid move

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Former Big Brother star Tully Smyth has left her followers divided after she revealed she was moving in with her boyfriend Daniel Parisi in the hopes of catching Covid after he tested positive.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the reality star shared how Daniel had tested positive on a rapid antigen test (RAT). While she continued to test negative, she decided to move in with him so they could hopefully have it at the same time together.

Big Brother's Tully Smyth and boyfriend
Big Brother's Tully Smyth has been slammed after saying she was moving in with her boyfriend 'to hopefully catch' Covid from him. Photo: Instagram/Tully Smyth

"I’ve decided to pack my stuff and move in for the week to hopefully catch it sooner rather than later," she said. 

"Packing essentials [including] lots of loungewear and oversize tees, 4 books, Monopoly Deal, a nice smelling candle, ear plugs (jokes bby) and, of course, the golden ticket RATs. Wish me luck!"

Tully added in another Story that she'd prefer to get sick at the same time as him and that moving in with him meant she could take care of him and that it would mean they're less likely to need to isolate for another week and miss events.


"I’d rather take my luck and both of us have it at the same time than get it later and put us back into iso for another week, missing weddings etc."

Dr Yumiko Kadota, a doctor and author, took to Twitter to slam Tully's decision, "Tully Smyth thinks going to her COVID positive boyfriend’s house to “hopefully catch it sooner than later” is better for their social schedule. I can’t even. She is an influencer. I hope she doesn’t 'influence' those in her audience to do this."

Tully Smyth Instagram Story
"I’ve decided to pack my stuff and move in for the week to hopefully catch it sooner rather than later," Tully told her followers.

Dr Kadota also pointed out that Tully had visited a Hungry Jack's location when she should have been isolating.

Speaking of things Tully packed for the week, Dr Kadota added: "It’s almost like she’s going for a fun little holiday! People don’t realise they don’t get to choose what strain they get or how mild / severe their symptoms will be."

In an Insta Story, Dr Kadota shared that it's irresponsible to try and get Covid when the healthcare system is so under strain, "If your partner who lives in a seperate apartment gets COVID then DO NOT GO OVER. You are LUCKY that they can isolate and keep you safe.

"If you catch it there’s no guarantee you get a mild form of it. You can get really unwell. This is so fckn ridiculous and a slap in the face to frontline workers."

Dr Yumiko Kadota Tweet about Tully Smyth
Dr Yumiko Kadota, a doctor and author, took to Twitter to slam Tully's decision. Photo: Twitter

However, Tully has explained she chose to isolate with Daniel because she believed he'd already exposed her to Covid.

"The crux of why I decided to isolate with my partner is that he had already exposed me. We had been together (and kissed) the day before he tested positive," she told Pedestrian.

"I do not live alone, so my options were: A) isolate at my place and very probably pass it onto my poor housemate who had not seen my boyfriend OR B) isolate at my boyfriend’s place with him, who was already testing positive on a RAT."

Tully said she made the decision to spare her housemate, not to "try" and catch it, though she added, "According to everything we’ve been told, I most likely am already carrying it."

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