Bachelor star unrecognisable in jaw-dropping bikini video

We know Aussie reality stars love nothing better than shocking fans with bold new looks, but every now and then a former TV darling will leave us truly gobsmacked with an all-out transformation.

Well, former Bachelor star Megan Marx has done just that this week, looking amazing and very different in a video shared to Instagram in which she showed off her brand new look.

Megan Marx photo Bachelor 2016
Megan Marx is looking very different compared to her Bachelor days. Photo: Channel 10

A contestant from the 2016 season of the show, Megan has spoken openly about dipping her toe in cosmetic enhancement, and she wasn’t shy about showing off her curated look in the fun video.

In the clip, the 31-year-old posed in the back of a boat, sporting a sizzling green bikini, and posing up a storm.

Megan Marx transformed bikini snap
Megan went wild for the camera in a stunning blue bikini. Photo: Instagram/megan.leto.marx

As she sipped on a colourful cocktail she pulled a face at the camera, showing she’s still the same fun-loving beauty from regional Western Australia.

Megan Marx transformation cosmetic surgery new face
`She may look like a new woman, but Megan showed she still isn't camera shy. Photo: Instagram/megan.leto.marx

The video shared to Megan’s Instagram on Tuesday comes after she opened up about her experience of cosmetic procedures back in October.


At the time Megan outlined what she had done on her face, revealing she got a bit of filler in her lips and jaw to enhance the definition but assuring fans her trademark full cheeks were still very much her natural cheeks.

Megan Marx transformation (left) now and before on Bachelor (right)
Megan has spoken openly to fans about enhancing her look since her days on The Bachelor. Photo: Channel 10 Instagram/megan.leto.marx

The beauty has also had a boob job, a nose job and lip lift both before and after her stint on The Bachelor in 2016.

The reality star says she now takes a subtle approach to cosmetic procedures after she admitted there was a time too much filler had left her face feeling ‘ bit weird and [it] was a bit swollen’.

Now it seems she has struck the perfect balance, telling fans in the same Q&A: “'I don't regret anything I've done.”

She’s far from the first reality star to win fans over with a dramatic makeover.

Months after getting her lip filler dissolved, Married At First Sight's Stacey Hampton debuted a much bigger pout on Instagram wowing fans with her almost unrecognisable new look.

Similarly, fellow Married At First Sight contestant Melissa Lucarelli left fans gobsmacked in November when she stepped out for an event with an insanely different new look.

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