The Big Brother showdown they couldn't air on TV

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Evicted Big Brother housemate Marissa Rancan has revealed a confrontation that happened between herself and Daniel Gorringe never made it to air.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Marissa said that the former AFL player confronted her after hearing rumours she was speaking about him behind his back.

Marissa Rancan
Evicted Big Brother housemate Marissa Rancan has revealed the confrontation that viewers never saw. Photo: Seven

Marissa had hoped to become a double agent, however, it backfired on her, as her argument with Daniel is thought to have played a role in her eviction.

Model Chad Hurst was clearly unimpressed by Marissa's tactics and vented to Daniel about her, saying the former aerobics instructor had spoken about the former sportsman to him.

"You know what else old mate was saying about you?" he asked Dan, adding: "What kind of 27-year-old mopes and cries about a video call from his ex-girlfriend?"

Daniel Gorringe on Big Brother
Daniel Gorringe was not happy to hear what Marissa was saying about him behind his back. Photo: Seven

It came after Dan was reunited with girlfriend Ana Cannon on the show via video call and he became emotional after she told him she still loves him.

"I'm sparked up now," Daniel said, before going to confront Marissa, something which we didn't see.

Marissa told the Daily Mail: "At the end of the day, Dan came up to me and said: 'Did you say this about me?' and I said, 'Yes I did, Dan.'"

"People are just saying whatever they want to say to make somebody else upset or to get rid of someone and to stay in the game."

The eviction came down to Kieran Davidson and Marissa, with Marissa receiving a unanimous vote.

Marissa described Kieran Davidson as a "cockroach". Photo: Seven
Marissa described Kieran Davidson as a "cockroach". Photo: Seven

During an appearance on Sunrise, Marissa slammed Kieran, describing him as a "cockroach".

"I sort of felt that I was going to go that day, because the cockroach will live on and on and on, and that’s Kieran," she said, saying he's "like your 14-year-old brother who leaves his towel there and doesn’t wash up properly".

"Kieran just throws people under the bus and then runs around and does nothing.

"He knows I call him a cockroach, he even calls himself a cockroach... No bug spray will ever kill Kieran."

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