Big Brother 2022: Here are the housemates returning to the show

Big Brother has come of age. Twenty-one years after it first debuted on Australian TV, the show is bringing back some of the most memorable contestants over its 13 seasons to compete with superfans of the show.

While the newcomers aren't of much interest to us (yet!) we're intrigued to discover who is returning for Big Brother Australia 2022: Royalty v New Blood and just what they've been up to since they were last on the show.

Reggie Bird, 42, 2003 winner

Big Brother's Reggie Bird
Reggie Bird was the first winner of Big Brother Australia. Photo: Instagram/Reggie Bird

Reggie Bird won the hearts of the nation when she appeared on the third series of Big Brother. Reggie was picked as the frontrunner early due to her undeniable popularity and sure enough, she won 72 per cent of the vote to defeat Chrissie Swan.


Since winning the show, she admits life hasn't been easy. The $250,000 winnings didn't last long, with the majority being spent on her mortgage before the Tasmanian split with her husband Adrian.

"I left everything to Adrian and moved to Sydney," she told the Not Here To Make Friends podcast in 2020. "I couldn’t get a job for about two years after the show because no one would take me seriously. I spent all the money I had left on rent, and getting ripped off by that a**hole who made out he was a TV producer,” she revealed, referring to a con man who scammed her out of $40,000.

She has since found love again and had two beautiful children, Mia and Lucas, but her own degenerative eye condition and her son's cystic fibrosis have made life tough.

"It truly is a s**t disease. I'd give anything for him not to have it," Reggie told Now to Love.

But she's excited about returning to the Big Brother house. "Big Brother’s in my blood. I just can’t believe I’m here," she said.

Trevor Butler, 48, 2004 winner

Trevor Butler
Trevor Butler proposed to his girlfriend of six years after he won $1,000,000 as the fourth winner of the show. Photo: Instagram/Trevor Butler

Trevor Butler hit the big time when he took home $1,000,000 as the winner of the fourth season of Big Brother. He was also a big softy as he got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend of six years, Breea, after the win.

But many people didn't think their relationship would last after his big-money win.

"There were rumours going round that she was just there for the money," Trevor told Mamamia.

They've had the last laugh though. Eighteen years later Trevor, Breea and their boys Maika, 14, and Creedance, 11, are living their best lives up in Queensland.

Dave Graham, 42, housemate 2006

Farmer Dave
Farmer Dave, as he was known the first time around, made history as he came out to his fellow housemates on live television. Photo: Instagram/farmerdavek9m8

Farmer Dave, as he was known the first time around, made history as he came out to his fellow housemates on live television.

He has since fathered three girls, one with a straight friend and two with a lesbian couple he knows.

"We all get together at least once a year — they're in different states. It's normal for them. They live in really open communities and it's just fantastic," he told Nine Honey a couple of years ago.

He has also launched a charity called RuffTRACK for kids who "fall through the gaps".

And he's just as handsome as ever...

Estelle Landy, 33, housemate 2012

Estelle Landy
Estelle Landy wasn't too popular among her housemates but she made it through to the final, taking third place. Photo: Instagram/Estelle Landy

Estelle wasn't too popular among her housemates but she made it through to the final, taking third place.

Back then she was a law student from Melbourne, now she is an equestrian living the beach lifestyle between Tweed Heads and Byron Bay.

"I think Big Brother offers something totally unique, or it did, in the social psychology aspects. At minimum it is completely fascinating to watch people behave in a totally unnatural environment," she told Reality Review.

Layla Subritzky, 33, 2012 runner-up

Layla Subritzky
Layla Subritzky was a popular contestant in 2012 and managed to finish as runner-up! Photo: Instagram/Layla Subritzky

She was the newly arrived Pom who managed to get a place in the Big Brother house and was so popular she finished runner-up. Since then she has settled into Aussie life and now describes herself on Insta as "earthy and a little bit hippie" but says she also likes nice things.

Layla is newly engaged to her "best friend" James, her boyfriend of five years, who made sure he put a ring on it now that Layla is back in the public eye.

Tully Smyth, 34, housemate 2013

Tully Smyth
Tully Smyth is memorable for entering the house in 2013 and falling for Anthony Drew, despite having a girlfriend at home already. Photo: Instagram/Tully Smyth

Despite being in a relationship when she entered the Big Brother house, Tully very quickly fell head over heels for fellow contestant Anthony Drew (aka Drew) and hooked up with him without splitting with her girlfriend first. This caused a ruckus on the outside with fans, commentators and even celebs such as Ruby Rose voicing their opinions on her actions.

“In walks this 6'2", tall, dark, and handsome, bright blue eyes kid, and honestly, hand on heart, Taylor Swift’s song Trouble had just come out before we went into the house and that shit started playing in my head," she recalled when Drew was a guest on her podcast in 2020.

Neither relationship lasted. And Tully stated in the podcast that although Drew has had a lot of relationships since, she hasn't, "so I’m always open to being friends and keeping the line of communication open," she added.

Tully does appear to have a boyfriend now (according to her socials), so it will be interesting to see if history repeats when she and Drew are back living back under the same roof.

Anthony Drew, 33, housemate 2013

Anthony Drew
Former model Anthony Drew, or Drew as he was known, was very popular during his time in the house. Photo: Anthony Drew

Former model Anthony Drew, or Drew as he was known, was not only popular in the house but also when he got out, which didn't bode well for his relationship with Tully.

He was pretty harsh when discussing the relationship with Tully on her podcast two years ago.

"I was a bit of a prick,” he said about the way he treated Tully when she moved down to Melbourne to be with him. “I don’t have regrets but it wasn’t real. It was more real inside the house,” he added.

Will it be different this time around?

Tim Dormer, 37, 2013 winner

Tim Dormer
Big Brother 2013 winner Tim Dormer in 2021. Photo: Getty Images

After winning Big Brother, Tim took a shine to the reality spotlight, going on to appear briefly in the 2014 show and in Big Brother Canada before going on to try his hand on Celebrity Apprentice. He's also admitted to trying out for The Bachelor.

“I have always been fluid in my sexuality,” he told Who Magazine in 2016. “Even on Big Brother, I talked about my bisexuality and that I’ve always been about people, not the sexuality or gender,” he added.

He's currently happily settled down with partner Adam Freeth.

So who do you want to be the housemate of all Big Brother housemates?

Big Brother Australia 2022: Royalty v New Blood is coming soon to Channel Seven and 7Plus.

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