The best non-alcoholic options for Christmas gatherings

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Celebrate the festive season with our list of the best non-alcoholic drinks on offer.
Celebrate the festive season with our list of the best non-alcoholic drinks on offer.

We're officially in December which means the silly season has commenced.

Christmas parties may look a little different this year, with more zoom celebrations than you're used to, but you can bet people are ready for the festive season and to make up for last year.

With outdoor picnics due to multiply and invitations starting to roll in, dates are being blocked out to get together and celebrate - but that doesn't necessarily mean with alcohol.

If you want to join the party sans hangover, there are plenty of delicious alternatives to get you in the celebratory mood without causing too many questions on "why you're not drinking".

From beautifully bottled alcohol-free G&Ts to standard non-alcoholic beers, we list some of the best options for your Christmas gathering.


Lyre's 12-pack premixed cocktails

Lyre's are making a name for themselves as one of the most creative non-alcoholic drink brands around with their beautifully branded, award-winning non-alcoholic spirits and pre-mixed drinks.

Entering the silly season in style, they have launched their 12-pack of canned pre-mixed 'cocktails' that "capture the essence of a sparkling wine, G&T and Spritz an aperitif".

If you're looking for a non-alcoholic Aperol Spritz option, their Amalfi To Taste is pretty darn close.

For $75, you'll also get two each of the G&T Bouquet, Classico Bouquet, Amalfi Spritz Bouquet, G&T To Taste and Classico To Taste - all modern twists on the classics.

Expect botanical flavours of orange blossom, lime, jasmine, juniper and pepperberry, with notes of fresh peach and more.

On the left stands Lyre's pale blue alcohol-free gin and tonic cans in a pack of four with a pale blue paper wrapping, while on the right is a singel can against a pale blue background.
Arrive with style sipping from Lyre's beautifully-presented non-alcoholic cocktails in cans. Photo: Lyre's

Gordon's 0% Gin & Tonic & Lime

With plenty of five-star reviews on Dan Murphy's, Gordon's 330mL non-alcoholic gin and tonics are up there with the best.

Arriving in a chic glass bottle branded with the elegant Gordon design, it's a fail-safe option for a summer gathering.

Expect citrus, juniper, and green floral notes, rounded with a refreshing, dry finish.

Customers have said: "The way Gordon's balance the pre-mix flavour is great. Smells and tastes like a G&T. I didn't have high expectations, but this really did taste ginny. Will definitely buy again."


A single clear glass bottle of Gordon's alcohol-free G&T stands on the left, while the four pack is in a white cardboard packaging stands next to it on the right, against a white background.
Gordon's alcohol-free G&T is a strong contender in pre-mixed non-alcoholic options this summer. Photo: Dan Murphy's/Sansdrinks

Naked Life Non-Alcoholic 4-pack Wimbledon Spritz

Crafted with distilled botanicals in Australia, this fun 250ml four-pack lends from Britain's classic summer cocktail.

This alcohol-free spritz is fruity and bubbly, made with Tahitian lime, Nigerian ginger and distilled botanicals of cucumber before being topped up with lemonade.

With just eight calories per bottle, this sugar-free option is seriously refreshing and a perfect summer tipple without the hangover. For best results, Naked recommend serving over ice with fresh fruit, mint and slices of cucumber.

Fine, if we have to.

Naked's pale pink four-pack of non-alcoholic cocktails in cans, wrapped in a pale pink paper wrap with the Naked word in red down on the left hand side of the package. Cans sit against a white background.
Bring London to you with Naked's non-alcoholic take on an English classic cocktail. Photo: Goodness Me

McGuigan Zero Alcohol Rose

At just $10.99 per bottle, McGuigan's Zero Alcohol Rose is an affordable alternative to the standard boozy pink wine we're used to.

With the alcohol removed, this rose is light-bodied and bright, with lifted aromas of delicate red fruits and hints of rose petal.

Best served ice cold, McGuigan's rose offers a crisp and dry flavour, a welcome alternative to otherwise sickly sweet 'wines'.

It has a beautiful, delicate rose colour, is easy to drink and transport - making it a wonderful option to keep in the fridge.

Two bottles of McGuigan's Zero Rose with a pale blue label stand side-by-side against a white background.
McGuigan's Zero Rose delivers a refreshing, dry and crisp flavour - perfect for a summer's day. Photo: BWS

San Pellegrino Essenza Tangerine & Wild Strawberry Sparkling Mineral Water

You can't go wrong with San Pellegrino.

Much-loved for their chic selection of sparkling mineral waters, this summer they are offering eight-packs of 330ml natural-flavoured sparkling waters for just $11 at Woolies.

Quench your thirst with their Essenza Tangerine & Wild Strawberry drinks in an elegant slim can, perfect to buy in bulk for those picnics.

With zero calories, sugars, sweeteners and no artificial flavours, this option is perfect to stock up on.

You can also pick them up in Lemon & Lemon Zest flavour for a crisper, citrus finish.

A box of San Pellegrino's Essenza Tangerine & Wild Strawberry flavoured sparkling mineral water cans, with an orange can standing outside of the box on the right against a white background,
San Pellegrino offer a calorie-free way to celebrate summer with their flavoured natural sparkling mineral water. Photo: Woolworths

Holsten Alcohol-Free 0.0% Beer

Hailing from the beer experts in Germany, Holsten have made a really delicious, thirst-quenching alternative that still delivers that beer taste after a long day.

With rave reviews on Dan Murphy's, this 330mL German beer is brewed using traditional Pilsner brewing methods, bottom-fermented and generously hopped for full flavour.

With the alcohol removed, this beer still packs in the flavour thanks to its hop-driven bitterness, leaving a crisp, refreshing and clean finish.

Buyers have left plenty of happy reviews, including: "Great taste goes down well! Fully recommend to anyone who likes beer with flavour."

Two images of Holsten's alcohol-free beer in a green beer bottle with a white branded Holsten sticker with green rim on front. Bottles sit against a white background.
Holsten's alcohol-free beer is a highly reviewed alternative for long summer days. Photo: Cellarbrations Subiaco

Pauls Egg Nog Original 1L

You can't have Christmas without egg nog, but you can have egg nog without alcohol.

You can make it yourself, or you can go to Woolies and pick up Pauls' pre-made egg nog in a generous one-litre bottle for $4.20.

This alcohol-free option to the Christmas classic still offers the festive flavours of cinnamon and nutmeg with a creamy and smooth finish.

Good thing it's in a one-litre bottle, as we're pretty sure, once you open it, there's no turning back.

Pauls' original egg nog in a cream 1L bottle with a green top on the left. On the right, a clear glass rounded tumbler with egg nog and nutmeg on the rim with a cinnamon stick poking out the right side,
Enjoy Pauls' original non-alcoholic egg nog in a 1L bottle for just $4.20 at Woolworths. Photo: Pauls/Getty

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