Exercise bikes, treadmills and weights to keep you fit during lockdown

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Being indoors doesn't mean you can't excercise Credit: Getty Images

If a combination of winter and lockdown is making you feel sluggish, then it might be time to invest in some indoor exercise equipment. 

Bikes, treadmills and weights are all great pieces of kit to help keep your heart rate up and your body moving. Here are some of the best buys around: 


Best budget buy: Everfit Treadmill 400mm Belt Foldable, $399.95 

If you're looking for an affordable treadmill, this is a great option. It has all the essentials; 12-pre-set training programs, an LCD display, an anti-slip belt and a smooth motor. It's also easily foldable, which means you can store it somewhere when you're not using it. A good all-round option, especially for beginner runners.

Everfit Treadmill 400mm Belt Foldable, $399.95
The Everfit Treadmill 400mm Belt Foldable, $399.95 is an excellent budget option. Photo: Kogan

Best space saver: Electric Walking Pad Treadmill, $286.69

If you don't want a bulky machine - and you're confident enough to use a running machine without handles, this is for you. Designed to fit under desks (or kitchen tables) it's quiet, with a sturdy base and good sized belt width. It has wheel attachments so you can wheel it around the house wherever you need, and the remote control keeps track of how far you've run, and how fast. 

Electric Walking Pad Treadmill, $286.69
Wheel the Electric Walking Pad Treadmill, $286.69, around your home. Photo: Dick Smith

Best multi-level runner: Proform 305 CST PF20 Treadmill, $999.00

This allows you to download maps from anywhere in the world, and run the route. It also helps you set running programs from personal trainers, and offers 10 pre-loaded workouts to start you off. The powerful motor makes it run smoothly and quietly, and allows you to use programs at a variety of speeds and incline, quickly and efficiently. Even if you're a beginner, you can work up to being a seasoned runner on this machine.

Proform 305 CST PF20 Treadmill, $999.00
The Proform 305 CST PF20 Treadmill, $999.00 is good for all levels. Credit: Rebel Sport


Indoor bikes

Best for resistance training: Fortis Magnetic Flywheel Spin Bike, $239

This bike has magnetic resistance, instead of traditional friction wheels, which allows for smoother pedalling than traditional friction flywheels. This sort of resistance training also helps build strength, anaerobic endurance and muscle growth. Quiet, and easy to use, this is a great budget option with lots of benefits.

Fortis Magnetic Flywheel Spin Bike, $239
The Fortis Magnetic Flywheel Spin Bike, $239, can help with resistance training too. Credit: Kogan

Best for spin class junkies: Everfit Spin bike, $219.95

If you're missing your gym spin classes, this is a good alternative. It has adjustable resistance, a extra thick padded seat, a silent belt drive system, non-slip pedals, and an LCD monitor so you can program your own spin classes to do at home. It's perfect for high intensity workouts - so there's no excuse to not get moving. 

Everfit Spin bike, $219.95
Get your spin groove on at home with the Everfit Spin bike, $219.95. Credit: Catch.com.au

Best for comfort: NordicTrack VR19 Recumbent Exercise Bike, $799

This ergonomically designed bike means you're able to sit in an oversized seat, which can be good for people with back issues. It includes 24 in-built workout apps, an auto breeze fan to keep you cool while working out, iPod compatible audio, grip pulse so you can work at your target heart rate and a lifetime warranty.

NordicTrack VR19 Recumbent Exercise Bike, $799
The NordicTrack VR19 Recumbent Exercise Bike, $799, is great for comfy sitting. Credit: Rebel Sport


Best for progressing: 20kg Adjustable Rubber Dumbbell Set Barbell, $59.95

This is a good set for beginners as well as people who want to lift heavier weights. The adjustable barbell and dumbbell set includes four 2kg weights, four 1.5kg weights, and four 1.25kg weights. There's also an extra-thick 40-centimetre barbell bar, and two dumbbell bars wrapped in an easy-grip material for a safe workout.

20kg Adjustable Rubber Dumbbell Set Barbell, $59.95
These 20kg Adjustable Rubber Dumbbell Set Barbell allow you start light and work up to heavier weights when you're ready. Credit: Kogan

Best for versatility: Celsius 6kg Kettle Bell Weights, $44.99

Kettlebells can be used for a whole range of weights work, and are a really useful piece of equipment to have at home. Depending on where you buy them from, they come in a range of weights, usually from 4kg to 16kg. Because they're easy to carry, they can be used to add weight to movements such as squats and lunges.

Celsius 6kg Kettle Bell Weights, $44.99
Kettlebells such as these Celsius 6kg Kettle Bell Weights are really useful home gym equipment. Credit: Rebel Sport

Best for light weights: Celsius 10kg Dipped Dumbbell Set, $59.99

Small dumbbells can be a good way of adding weight when you're walking, or for doing light shoulder or arm work. This set has a mix of dumbbells, including 1kg, 1.5kg and 2kg weights. They're covered in vinyl to make them feel comfortable to hold, and they're in a convenient case so you can take them out and about with you.  

Celsius 10kg Dipped Dumbbell Set, $59.99
These Celsius 10kg Dipped Dumbbell Set are in a convenient carry case for easy transportation. Credit: Rebel Sport

Best for expanding your routine: Fortis Adjustable FID Sit Up & Weight Bench, $99.99

If you're serious about weight training at home, this bench is a great investment. The seat is adjustable so you can have it as flat, incline or decline angles depending on which exercises you're doing. It's foam padded for comfort, and has a built-in sit up knee and foot anchor. It folds away too for easy storage. 

Fortis Adjustable FID Sit Up & Weight Bench, $99.99
The Fortis Adjustable FID Sit Up & Weight Bench can help with home weight training. Credit: Kogan

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