The Best Frozen Pizza Brand You Can Find At The Grocery Store

Four frozen pizza boxes
Four frozen pizza boxes - Tatyana Maximova / Getty Images

No matter how you slice it, pizza is just pizza — and that's not a bad thing in the slightest. If you're nowhere near the best pizza restaurants in Brooklyn or even any major pizza chains, a mouthwatering pie is still within reach from your local grocery store. Yes, we're talking the almighty frozen pizza, savior of slumber parties and chaotic workweeks everywhere. Sure, the store-bought stuff won't offer the experience of signature New York pizza chains like Spumoni Gardens or Roberta's, but if there's anything to glean from the $20 billion the frozen pizza market generated in 2023 alone (via, it's that delivering yourself a piping-hot pie is equally (if not more) appealing than waiting on a driver to leave a half-cold box on your doorstep.

How can you tell which supermarket options will be worth the dough? Perhaps when shopping, you read each box to check for high-quality ingredients; if you're a traditionalist or have youngsters, frozen cheese pizzas with crowd-pleasing potential likely top your pizza-purchasing concerns. Newman's Own was declared the take-and-bake king in our ranking of frozen pizza brands, where it dethroned popular labels — such as Red Baron, DiGiorno, and Screamin' Sicilian — on peak freshness and flavor. Let's break down why we "gave it all away" to the celebrity-branded cracker crust, and why your shopping list will be better off for it.

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Newman's Own pizza in freezer
Newman's Own pizza in freezer - The Image Party/Shutterstock

Freschetta and Tombstone trailed closely behind in second and third place, but the upper-crust flair of Newman's Own earned our pick as the winning label. The brand has nearly 20 flavor combinations currently on the market, and it promises additive-free ingredients that not only boast more nutrients than Totino's, for example, but that also lend the taste some authenticity — or as much authenticity as a frozen pizza can achieve. The thin crust is chewy, the tomato sauce doesn't have that canned, ketchup-like aftertaste, and the cheese (the brand favors whole-milk mozzarella most of the time) blankets the surface without weighing down the crust.

Sloppily placed toppings can mess up your frozen pizza if you're not careful, but the toppings on the Newman's Own pizza were neatly arranged, giving it a restaurant-ready appearance. Some of the brand's more gourmet varieties may even break your takeout habit. Its Stone-Fired Crust Margherita pizza, for example, is coated in fior di latte — an expert-approved cheese that oozes beautifully — but the company's assortment of classics, like Pepperoni and Supreme, assure tastebuds of all stripes are satisfied. On Facebook, one fan even claimed that they swapped out kitchen appliances just so they could keep their pizza stash unbothered, saying, "The deciding factor was if the pizza doesn't fit in the freezer, then it's no good."

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