Ben Affleck officially moved out of marital home with Jennifer Lopez while she was on vacation

Ben Affleck has made his move-out official, reportedly taking all of his belongings from the Beverly Hills mansion he previously shared with wife Jennifer Lopez.

The actor, 51, has been staying alone in a Brentwood rental home for the past month, but recently decided to remove all of his items that remained in Beverly Hills.

He’s said to have moved all of his things out of the $60 million mansion before Lopez, 54, returned from her recent trip to Italy, according to People.

“Ben continues to live at the Brentwood rental. He’s been there for about two months now,” one source told the outlet. “He seems OK. He’s been at his office every day and seems focused on work. He’s also spending time with his kids.”

The couple was spotted reuniting Wednesday at an office building where Affleck runs his Artists Equity production company. Though he and Lopez were photographed there at the same time, they arrived and left separately.

It’s unclear why they were both at the location, but Lopez is set to star in two upcoming films produced by the Affleck and Matt Damon-led company.

Rumors that she and Affleck may be headed for a divorce have intensified in recent weeks, after it was revealed that they were working to sell their mansion.

Sources close to the situation told People in May that their marriage “is not in the best place at the moment.” The couple are reportedly are at odds in part over their differing approaches to fame.

On Friday, insiders added Affleck and Lopez are now “focused on their separate lives” and “don’t have any summer plans together.”

The two were originally engaged in the early 2000s before calling off the wedding and breaking up shortly after.

Affleck moved on and started a family with Jennifer Garner, while Lopez did the same with Marc Anthony. Both couples split in the 2010s.

Affleck and Lopez eventually reconciled in 2021 and wed the following year.