Bella Thorne under fire for 'tone-deaf' sexy Halloween costume

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Disney star turned adult film director turned OnlyFans star Bella Thorne was always bound to turn up the heat for Halloween, but one of her more racy costumes has left some fans seeing red.

The 23-year-old slipped into a very tiny police costume to pose up a storm with boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo who was dressed as a prison inmate in an orange jumpsuit.

Bella Thorne licks gun dressed as sexy cop 2020
`Bella decided to dress as a sexy cope for Halloween 2020. Photo: Instagram/bellathorne

Bella’s outfit consisted of a black bra, with a police badge pinned at a jaunty angle, a police cap, tiny black denim shorts, a plastic gun and fishnet stockings – a standard-issue Halloween ‘sexy policeperson’ look.

In several photos, she licks her gun and in one she poses as if holding her boyfriend with the gun over his shoulder.

Bella Thorne Benjamin Mascolo dressed as inmate police officer Halloween 2020
Bella and boyfriend Benjamin turned a power dynamic relationship into a sexy Halloween costume. Photo: Instagram/bellathorne

It wasn’t the sexy look that had eyebrows raised, however, rather the sexy take on the arrested man and the armed officer that some thought was a little off colour.

In the wake of the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, coming off the back of the murder of George Flloyd by officer Derick Chauvin, and years of issues between black and disenfranchised communities and police officers, many argued doing a sexy version of that relationship was ‘tone-deaf’.


Fans slam ‘tone-deaf’ costume

Bella Thorne dressed as sexy cop, boyfriend dressed as inamte
Some thought given the Black :ives Matter movement, the fetishised police and inamte look was 'tone deaf'. Photo: Instagram/bellathorne

While hundreds of fans praised the outfit as ‘cute’, ‘hot’ and ‘the best’, others thought differently.

“Wow this is so tone-deaf read the room,” one wrote.

“Love seeing Bella staying woke,” was one sarcastic take on the matter.

“Why would you be a cop?!” another wondered.

“Not you dressing as a cop in 2020...” another wrote.

“Bad year to be a cop lol,” another fan pointed out.

Bella Thorne dressed as sexy cop kisses boyfriend dressed as inmate
Fans apparently voted for the costume, though not all agreed about it. Photo: Instagram/bellathorne

It comes after Bella invited fans to vote on a costume for her, with the police choice evidently something most didn’t mind.

She has previously lent her Instagram account, with 24.1 million followers, to the cause sharing supportive posts and information about the movement.

It’s not the first time the Disney Channel alumnus has come under fire for a very public misstep.

Her choice to launch an OnlyFans account earlier this year, a page that quickly became the platform’s quickest account to reach one million subscribers, was slammed by some sex worker advocates for ruining the free platform from people who depend on it for their livelihood.

OnlyFans was set up in 2016 to provide a subscription-based platform for creators to share their work, however, it soon became known for its explicit content as it allows nudity, with sex workers, mainstreams celebrities and influencers flocking to the site.

Within days of Bella revealing she’s earned millions from the site in only a week, she became the subject of widespread backlash on Twitter and other social media pages.

People accused her of having prompted changes in the rules of what OnlyFans creators can request, because they said she had manipulated subscribers by charging too much for a one-time event she had suggested would be racier than it was. (Her followers regularly pay $20 per month.)

Many identifying themselves as OnlyFans creators on social media also claimed payments from the company had been delayed because of Bella’s own massive payout.

Additional reporting by Kristine Tarbert.

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