Bella Hadid’s beach bum waves prove the no-brush hair trend is back

Bella Hadid loves bringing a '00s hair trend back, from the zigzag partings of Y2K, to the Myspace fringes of 2007. She even made '00s streaky highlights look the epitome of cool. The latest '00s trend she's reviving? The unbrushed beachy waves that sent mums everywhere into despair.

But not brushing was key to keeping these gorgeous, textured waves defined, while maintaining volume. We wanted to look like we'd tumbled home from 12 hours at the beach too joyous and carefree to have thought about hair brushing. And TBH that's exactly how Bella looks. Joyous. She's never looked happier.

Which she acknowledged in the caption, writing; "How I feel about @orebella launching at every single @ultabeauty in the country. 🥹 To everyone that has already gone to get theirs…. I wish I could squeeze you!!!!! Thank You."

After a 5 month medical break from work in 2023 for treatment for her chronic Lyme Disease, Bella's had a shift in her priorities, launching her fragrance brand Orebella and telling Allure that she's stepping back from modelling: “After 10 years of modelling, I realized I was putting so much energy and love and effort into something that, in the long run, wasn’t necessarily giving it back to me,” she said.

Focussing this year on wellbeing and what makes her happy, all we can say is following her heart looks good on her. And so does being so loved up with her literal cowboy boyfriend Adan Banuelos (slide 7).

We're glad to see the no-brush hair trend back (within reason guys). And we're so here for Bella's new era; unbrushed and unbridled 🫶🏽

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