'Bed sheets and rubber bands': $2k fairy wedding dress panned online

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

If you’ve ever wondered where all those toilet-paper-wedding-dress designs from basically every hens or kitchen tea you’ve ever been to end up - we’ve found it.

At least, one wedding dress being sold for nearly $2,000 online is giving us all sorts of toilet paper vibes.

A photo of a ‘Fairy’ wedding dress has gone viral after it was posted to Reddit.

Put simply, the look is not for everyone, with plenty of people likening calling the gown ‘hideous’ and likening it to ‘bed sheets’ and ‘rubber bands’.

This Fairy Wedding dress is being sold for $1,900. Photo: Etsy

“This dress looks like it has a pillow-made bulletproof vest instead of the corset,” one person wrote.

“It looks like a bed sheet held together with rubber bands,” another said.

“If it looks unflattering on the model, it probably won't be flattering on you, either,” was another person’s blunt warning.

The Fairy Wedding Dress is being sold as a wedding dress alternative on Etsy for $1,900.

The materials included in the gown are tissue linen, lace, tulle, thread, hook, eye and elastic, in a ruffled and layered tulle bridal look.

However, some people thought the gown would be right for someone.

“If I know brides, someone, somewhere is throwing the biggest tantrum of their lives because they can't find a dress like this for their dream wedding,” one person mused.

“As someone who sews I don’t actually think this is that delusional. The dress is hideous, but that’s just my taste, someone somewhere will wants this kind of style.

People likened the look to bed sheets and rubber bands. Photo: Etsy

A few even admitted they don’t actually mind the style.

“I actually kinda like it... Paired with different shoes, I think it could be cute. I like that it’s actually not a dress, but a top and a skirt,” one person admitted.

“I've seen some hideous wedding dresses, but for that one girl out there that this is exactly what they're looking for, this is a decent price,” another added.

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