Wedding guest's 'bridal lingerie' look slammed

woman with bridal hair do pictured shoulder-up from behind with baby's breath in hair and sheer white straps
A wedding guest's questionable attire is making waves online. Photo: Getty Images

The dicey world of wedding attire etiquette has been set alight by a controversial image of a bold guest rocking what appears to be lingerie to a formal wedding.

The snap of a couple attending friend’s nuptials shows a man dressed in the customary suit, while the woman poses in a strapless corset-like lace top with a pair of trousers cut off by the photograph.

Whether the shirt is in fact just a piece of lingerie masquerading as a lacy shirt has the internet up in arms, and frankly it’s sort of hard to tell.

Face blurred: woman wears lacy lingerie bra-top with boning to wait and trousers (left) man in tuxedo holds face (right)
The wedding guest was wearing what looks like a bridal corset with a pair of trousers. Photo: Reddit/weddingshaming

Many are slamming the look as wildly inappropriate for a wedding, others are arguing it’s fashion and we all need to keep up.

One person who says they attended the same wedding explained the woman arrived in a yellow suit, only to remove her coat, exposing the controversial top underneath.

Underwear, or outerwear?

Woman with blurred face in lacy boned lingerie top man holds face next to her
Online commentators are divided over the dress's suitability for a wedding dress code. Photo: Reddit

For many, it was a step too far.

“It looks like something the bride would wear on her wedding night or during a boudoir photoshoot,” one pointed out.

“Is that underwear?” another wondered.

“She is wearing underwear as a shirt to a wedding. Yea, she looks great in it, but unless it's a lingerie themed wedding, you don't wear lingerie as your primary covering,” a third argued.

Others thought the look was just a daring version of the lacy bodysuit that has been dominating the fashion world.

“It’s a bodysuit,” one person pointed out.

“I see nothing wrong with this if she wore a jacket to the ceremony and took it off during the reception,” another wrote.

“I don't find this tacky or inappropriate,” another agreed.

Too little, too much

For most however, the look was beyond the pale - in colour, and in style.

“I actually think I'd have to ask her to leave if I were the bride.,” one woman wrote.

“It’s not just white but it’s “look at ME!!!!!” White. Tactless,” another agreed.

The look may, in fact, be more troubling for its similarity to a wedding dress than wedding lingerie, however.

‘Naked’ bridal trend

Bride wearing transparent naked sheer wedding gown
These days, brides wear similar looks down the aisle. Photo: Instagram/bridesbyfrancesca

A new ‘naked’ wedding dress trend has taken off in the past year.

Mainly coming from the floaty designs of New York-based fashion house Berta, the newest trend seems to stick firmly to the less is more mindset.

Aussie designers have also jumped on board, adding more and more risque numbers to their collections, with women all over the country delighted to be able to take the traditional white dress and turn it into something more modern.

With the bridal look getting more risqué, looks like this might be a case of dressing as the bride, rather than being caught in your undies in public.

Either way, it may be one to avoid at your next wedding.

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