Bec Judd blasted for 'dictator Dan' swipe from $7.3m mansion

Former AFL WAG Rebecca Judd has felt the full force of a wrathful internet today, after she took a savage swipe at Victorian premier Dan Andrews on Friday.

The TV presenter, who lives in a $7.3 million mansion in Melbourne’s prestigious suburb of Brighton with husband former AFL star Chris Judd and their four children, yesterday called the premiere ‘dictator Dan’ in an Instagram story that has since been removed.

rebecca Judd in mansion pool with champagne
Bec Judd's savage swipe at Dan Andrews from the comfort of her $7.3 million Brighton mansion has gone down like a lead balloon. Photo: Instagram/becjudd

The reference to the State’s strict stage-three and four lockdowns currently in place to fight a rise in coronavirus cases was written in a caption on an Instagram story the mum-of-four shared from inside her luxurious home.

Showing off her kid’s new cubby houses from The Little Cardboard Co. Bec decided to put the boot into Andrews, suggesting her was locking Victorians in their homes like an autocractic dictator.

Rebecca Judd deleted Instagram story criticising 'dictator dan' locking people in homes
In a since-deleted story Bec called Victorian premiere 'dictator Dan' over his strict lockdown policy. Photo: Twitter/ BHustwaite

“@TheLittleCardboardCo. perfect for iso and upcoming school holidays as it seems Dictator Dan will be locking Victorians in our homes even longer,” she captioned the video.

Onlookers slam ‘privileged, insensitive’ comment from millionaire

Bec Judd mansion in Brighton $7.8 million whinge
The Judd family's mansion has many questioning the TV presenter's right to complain. Photo: Instagram/becjudd

Though some have agreed with the critique of the strict measure in place in the state, others pointed out that they are designed to save lives, and everyone agreed that writing from her multi-million dollar mansion was a move too ‘tone-deaf’ to ignore.

“You live in a $7.3 million Brighton home,” Triple J presenter Bridget Hustwaite pointed out, sharing a screenshot of the Instagram story that was hastily pulled down soon after.

“Bec Judd has been posting food and clothes she's been gifted this entire lockdown, and now wants to complain about living in a 'dictatorship' from her Brighton mansion,” another wrote. “Utterly tone-deaf.”

Online satire publication The Shovel left hundreds of readers in stitches when they revealed: “Bec Judd is just cross because the 5km rule means she can’t walk from one end of her house to the other.”

Others went into slightly more detail on what exactly it was about the post that left onlookers so rankled.

“Calling the premier a dictator for implementing measures to save people’s lives, the very same measures any other premier would implement in the same circumstances is pretty crass at best of times, but when you have the means that she does it’s just privileged and insensitive,” the Twitter user explained.

At least one fan came to Bec’s defence, pointing out that having a privileged existence didn’t negate any feeling of frustration the former model might be feeling.

“What does owning a big house have to do with being sick of lockdowns?” they wondered. “She still can’t leave it. Can’t see friends. Can’t See family exactly like the rest of us. I’m no Bec Judd fan but... the pile on here is ridiculous. Jealousy’s a curse.”

Bec Judd homeschools her four children in her Brighton mansion
Some argued that despite the luxurious living situation, the family could be struggling like everyone else. Photo: Getty Images

Not everyone agreed with the sentiment, however.

“Bec Judd if you don’t like lockdown think how hard it is to take a selfie on a respirator in hospital,” was one particularly brutal response.

It’s not the first time the WAG has raised eyebrows with a house-related tone-deaf message.

During this summer’s devastating bushfires, the mum copped a roasting over an ‘out of touch’ post about the drought-related dust storm that saw large swaths of Eastern Australia covered in red dust in January.

The TV presenter shared Instagram stories of her home’s pool in Melbourne’s beachside suburbs, complaining about the dusty residue coating the water and surrounds, after rural areas who are suffering in the drought were blanketed in the thick dust.

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