The Bear Season 3 Trailer Teases A New Restaurant With New Chaos

Carmy and Sydney from 'The Bear'
Carmy and Sydney from 'The Bear' - thebearfx/Instagram

Fans of FX's "The Bear" who want more insight on the show's upcoming 3rd season after last week's teaser can finally satiate the craving. The full-length trailer was uploaded to FX Networks' YouTube channel on May 29, 2024, and Carmy, Richie, Sydney and the rest of the staff are back to grace our TV screens. The official trailer teases the opening of the next restaurant concept — and all of the expected chaos that ensues with the new venture.

"This would be a different kind of restaurant," Carmy, played by Jeremy Allen White, says at the top of the two-minute trailer. The trailer then cuts to scenes showing the swanky and modern eatery that viewers were first introduced to in Season 2 of "The Bear," which aptly portrayed the real-life struggles of launching a new restaurant. However, the dishes look even more elevated this time around, so the gang seems to have officially traded the iconic Italian beef sandwiches for more upscale fare.

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Fine Dining, Food Critics, And Intensity To Come On The Third Installment Of 'The Bear'

Carmy and Richie from 'The Bear' comparing two bowls
Carmy and Richie from 'The Bear' comparing two bowls - FX Networks/YouTube

There are plenty of chaotic moments in the short trailer for Season 3 of "The Bear," including an argument between Carmy and Richie about the size of two serving bowls (they look the same to us), disagreements of the eatery's new non-negotiables, and photos of food critics plastered on the office walls. It all seems to be in an effort for the new restaurant to "get a [Michelin] star," according to Carmy's response to Sydney's questioning over his recent antics. And in true TV drama fashion, there will be more revealed about each character's personal lives and romances at the same time. All of that leads us to excitedly exclaim — "Yes, chef!"

You won't have to wait much longer to get even more of "The Bear" because Season 3 officially debuts on June 27, 2024, and all 10 episodes will be available to stream on Hulu. Try not to binge them all at once -- or do, because there will likely be a 4th season eventually. The show is rumored to have filmed both the 3rd and 4th seasons back-to-back in Chicago, so there's plenty more of the Emmy Award-winning show to come. And while you wait, read our commentary on the chaos menu from "The Bear" Season 2 to refresh your memory for the upcoming episodes.

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