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Barbie dreamhouse: Add a pop of pink to your home

This Aussie brand has some of the funkiest furnishings around.

Hype is high around the Barbie movie, with Margot Robbie inspiring many of us to take a leap into a world of pink.

If you're keen to bring some hot pink Dreamhouse energy to your home, look no further than Aussie brand Mustard Made. They specialise in lockers - perfect for bedrooms, studies, living rooms, or bathrooms - and now they have a Barbie-inspired range packed with different shades of pink.

Hot pink decor inspired by Barbie
Mustard Made have a Barbiecore collection to bring some pink to your home. Photo: Mustard Made

The lockers come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, from The Shorty, which has two adjustable shelves and works perfectly as a bedside table, to The Twinny, which is a full wardrobe with adjustable shelves, hooks, and hanging rails.

Pink storage cabinet with books and flowers on
The Shorty is perfect as a bedside cabinet or storage. Photo: Mustard Made

It might feel overwhelming to introduce pink into your home - but do it slowly and you won't look back!

“If you’re starting with a blank canvas or a very neutral palette, taking the first step in introducing some colour can feel huge," says co-founder and creative director Becca Stern. "Start small and experiment with non-permanent additions, such as cushions, bed linen or smaller accessories."


If you're introducing colour for the first time, start with softer tones.

"Blush, or millennial pink, has been a strong trend for a few years now," says Becca. "These are great ways to build your confidence and start introducing pinks into your colour palette. If you’re really looking to dive right into creating your own Barbie world, then look to the brighter, more vibrant shades of pink we’re seeing take the spotlight this year.

"Think Pantone's Colour of the Year, Viva Magenta, which is a beautiful, saturated shade of fuschia."

Statement pieces in these colours, Becca says, can add some serious wow factor to a space and have maximum impact.

 Lowdown Locker in blush
The Lowdown Locker in blush is perfect for a bedroom. Photo: Mustard Made

If you want to really go for it, Becca says you can 'achieve peak pink styling' by layering different tones within your space. "Combining softer pastel shades of blush along with richer, more vivid pinks and a highlight pop of red will really bring the full Barbieland experience to life in your colour palette," she says.

"The Barbie movie is all about fun, nostalgia and not taking yourself too seriously, so experiment, be playful and give in to those guilty pleasures. The more pink the better!"

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