Baker gets little girl's birthday cake hilariously wrong

Sarah Carty
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Little girl with 'loser' birthday cake
A mum's hilarious cake fail has gone viral. Photo: Melin Jones

Organising kids’ parties can be a minefield of balloons, party poppers, snacks and gifts.

But one mum found out the hard way that despite all the planning, there’s some things that are just completely out of her hand - like the cake.

Melin Jones took to her Facebook to post a hilarious picture of her daughter, Liz’s, birthday cake, after the baker got her request hilariously wrong.

“Liz’s nickname is Lizard,” Melin started off her post.

Little girl on her dad's lap with cake
The mum got her daughter a new cake and said the young tot had no idea anything was amiss. Photo: Facebook/Melin Jones

“I got her a cake at Walmart & asked the lady to write “Happy Birthday Lizard” I did not look at it . Don’t ask me why.”

It turns out this was a big mistake as the baker had gone rogue with the icing.

“As I’m unloading the car I look quickly at it and notice the lady didn’t hear “Lizard “ she heard loser,” melin continued.

“So here’s my baby & her loser cake. It’s funny now but I was maddddd.”

The photo shows Melin’s adorable daughter, Liz, looking glum as she stares down at the ‘loser’ cake, with her arms firmly by her side.

Little girl with 'You're a Winner' cake
Since the photo went viral, Melin decided to get Liz a new cake, with the words 'You're a Winner' on it. Photo: Melin Jones

But fear not, as the cute tot did end up getting a new cake and according to Melin the writing didn’t affect her at all because ‘she couldn’t read & no we didn’t tell her what it said (she wouldn’t have understood anyway ) but I couldn’t let her have a loser birthday cake’.

The photo already has over 1,9000 likes, with people sympathising with the mum and finding the whole thing hilarious.

“Her face says it all,” one commenter said, while others made Liz into a range of funny memes.

Since the post went viral, Melin said she felt ‘it was only fitting to get her a new cake that said ‘You’re a winner’.

“Apparently, judging by her facial expressions once again , the childhood damage is done,” Melin joked.

“But she ate every bit of her cake, she got some cheesy roll ups (her favorite from Taco Bell ) & got a new pair of shorts. Safe to say she has had a pretty great day and it’s not even noon yet.”

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