The bedroom mood-killers you might be guilty of

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Ever been in the middle of getting hot and heavy only for something to completely ruin the mood?

In a piece for Daily Mail, sexpert Tracey Cox revealed some of the most common mood killers that can stop a couple of lovers in their tracks, including one of the number one turn-offs for women.

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Are you guilt of any of these turn offs in the bedroom? Photo: Getty

Tracey says having to get sex over and done with can be very off-putting for your partner, especially if you're then one suggesting to have sex in 'ten minutes before the kids are due home'.

"Sure, it can be a turn on sneaking a quickie when your visiting in-laws go off to the corner shop," she said.

"But most of us don't enjoy being forced to have sex with one eye on the clock."


Another thing that you could be guilty of that might be putting your partner off is being too noisy.

"Granted, a partner who doesn't make any response at all isn't fabulous," Tracey said. "But someone who moans and groans so loudly you're worried the people three doors up can hear, is both embarrassing and off-putting."

We've seen our fair share of awkward notes from neighbours fed up with hearing someone else's X-rated sounds, so it's no surprise the person closest might find it a little much.

But the number one 'mood-killing' turn-off for women is apparently a partner who is too selfish in bed.

"Does he expect you to have sex whenever he feels like it? Get annoyed if you ask for more foreplay? Rarely or never gives you oral sex but expects you to do it to him?" she added.

"He ticks the selfish box alright. Equally as off-putting are lovers who go to the other extreme, asking 'Have you had an orgasm yet?' every few minutes."

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It comes just months after a survey of 50 couples by, revealed that out of all the different rooms in a house getting busy in the bedroom didn't come out on top. Photo: Getty Images

It comes just months after a survey of 50 couples by, revealed that out of all the different rooms in a house getting busy in the bedroom didn't come out on top.

How did they come to this conclusion, you ask? Each of the couples were asked to wear heart rate trackers while doing the deed in various rooms of the house.

Comparing their heart rates before and immediately after having sex indicated just how racy things got at that particular location.

Turns out, the bathroom is the top spot to get the blood pumping if you catch our drift. Participants who had sex in the shower, tub or elsewhere around the bathroom saw their heart rate peak at an average of 121BPM, a 73 per cent increase on the average resting heart rate.

When asked to rate their experience, the bathroom received the highest score of 8.5 out of 10 — couples stated the steamy room and standing sex made it that much hotter. Just try not to slip over.

Take a look just outside the home for the spot that ranked second in the raunchy experiment. Yep, we're talking about the balcony, which saw heart rates rising to an impressive 116BPM on average.

Several couples reported that the exposed setting and the risk of getting caught only increased the appeal. Mind the neighbours now.

Returning indoors for the room that placed third on the sexy list: the laundry, or the 'utility room' for the Brits. The smell of washing powder and the whirring machines had participant's BPMs jumping by 64 per cent to around 115BPM, earning the humble laundry a 7.3/10 rating. Good vibrations indeed.

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