Couples are ditching the bedroom for better sex

It's hard to forget that steamy shower scene from 50 Shades Darker and it seems like Anastasia and Christian were on to a good thing with their bathroom-based antics.

According to a survey of 50 UK couples by, out of all the different rooms in a house getting busy in the bedroom didn't come out on top.

50 Shades Darker stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan demonstrate why couples are ditching the bedroom for better sex. Photo: Universal.
50 Shades Darker stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan demonstrate why couples are ditching the bedroom for better sex. Photo: Universal.

How did they come to this conclusion, you ask? Each of the couples were asked to wear heart rate trackers while doing the deed in various rooms of the house.

Comparing their heart rates before and immediately after having sex indicated just how racy things got at that particular location.

Turns out, the bathroom is the top spot to get the blood pumping if you catch our drift. Participants who had sex in the shower, tub or elsewhere around the bathroom saw their heart rate peak at an average of 121BPM, a 73 per cent increase on the average resting heart rate.

When asked to rate their experience, the bathroom received the highest score of 8.5 out of 10 — couples stated the steamy room and standing sex made it that much hotter. Just try not to slip over.


A woman leans in to kiss a woman on a balcony overlooking a train
Getting busy on the balcony was ranked second in the sexy survey. Photo: Getty Images.

Take a look just outside the home for the spot that ranked second in the raunchy experiment. Yep, we're talking about the balcony, which saw heart rates rising to an impressive 116BPM on average.

Several couples reported that the exposed setting and the risk of getting caught only increased the appeal. Mind the neighbours now.

Returning indoors for the room that placed third on the sexy list: the laundry, or the 'utility room' for the Brits. The smell of washing powder and the whirring machines had participant's BPMs jumping by 64 per cent to around 115BPM, earning the humble laundry a 7.3/10 rating. Good vibrations indeed.

Coming in at fourth place is the dining room where the chairs really allowed couples to experiment with their positions, increasing average heart rates by 60 per cent to 112BPM. Talk about laying the table, right.

The kitchen was next in fifth position, earning a respectable 7.6/10 for overall experience and an average heart rate of 109BPM largely due to the spaciousness and 'use of kitchen utensils' to really spice things up. Interpret that as you will.

Bridgerton Simon Daphne
Bridgerton Simon Daphne

In sixth spot with an average heart rate of 108BPM is the bedroom which, according to participants, is far too comfy and 'predictable' for racy encounters.

Bringing up the rear were the living room and the landing or stairs which ranked seventh and eighth respectively. Sex on the sofa only managed to raise heart rates by just over 50 per cent while the landing/stairs managed a measly 43 per cent spike.

Does that mean Daphne and the duke from Bridgerton were faking it during their X-rated staircase rendez-vous? Surely not.

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