Bachelor star's 'scary' rush to hospital after big mistake: 'Lesson learnt'

Bachelor’s Florence Moerenhout has taken to Instagram to warn fans about a dangerous ‘issue’ in Melbourne.

The reality TV star revealed that she ended up in hospital after her drink was spiked on a night out with her friends.

L: Florence Moerenhout posing with a glass of champagne. R: Florence Moerenhout talking to followers on Instagram.
Bachelor star Florence Moerenhout has revealed her drink was spiked on a night out. Photo: Instagram/florencealexandras

Florence recounted the terrifying incident on her Instagram story, saying that she thought it was ‘important to share’.

The star told fans that she only had three drinks when she started to feel ‘super unwell’. Assuming that she was just feeling ‘drunk’, the influencer decided to go home — and that proved to be a good decision.


"I got home and I got sicker and sicker. I kept falling and tripping over, I couldn’t stand or sit, I was spinning, I was nauseous,” she told fans.

“I tried to vomit, I tried to eat, I tried to drink. Nothing worked and I ended up in hospital, I spent the entire night in the hospital.”

Florence Moerenhout at a restaurant posing for the camera
Florence described the incident as 'scary'. Photo: Instagram/florencealexandras

The star believes that her drink was spiked with the 'date rape' drug Rohypnol rather than GHB due to her symptoms.

According to Healthline, Rohypnol is also known as a ‘roofie’, and can cause symptoms such as dizziness, slurred speech, nausea and blackouts.

Florence told her followers that she believes one of her friends also got her drink spiked that night, as she felt ‘abnormally drunk’.

“People started telling me that it’s an issue in Melbourne at the moment, and I want you to be aware of it because it’s real,” she warned followers.

The star finished her story by slating the person who spiked her drink and said: “Whoever did this to us, I hope God will push your hairline back so far that no woman ever, ever, wants to look at you again.”

L: Florence Moerenhout and her friend getting ready for a night out. R: Florence Moerenhout in hospital
She ended up in hospital after getting really sick. Photo: TikTok/florencealexandras

Florence also shared a video of herself from the night out on TikTok, with text reading: “When the drinks start to taste like they might have been spiked and they actually were”.

The video starts with a mirror selfie of the star and her friend, all excited for the night out — before cutting to Florence looking extremely ill in a hospital bed.

“Keep an eye on your dranks ppl its wild out there,” she wrote in the caption.

Florence added in the comments that the ‘scary’ incident likely happened when she left her drink unattended.

“The bar wasn’t busy but I did leave my drink to go to the bathroom so yep, lesson learned.”

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