Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson's sweet surprise for his dad before his honeymoon

EXCLUSIVE: The reality TV star spills on his early Father's Day present.

He’s currently enjoying his honeymoon with his wife Holly Kingston in Europe, but former Bachelor star Jimmy Nicholson managed to organise a sweet surprise for his dad Noel before jetting off earlier this month.

The 33-year-old pilot tells Yahoo Lifestyle that he celebrated Father’s Day early this year and gave his dad something he’s unlikely to forget anytime soon.

Jimmy Nicholson and his dad Noel.
Jimmy Nicholson celebrated Father’s Day with his dad Noel early this year. Photo: Instagram/jimmynicholson

“Dad and I, our thing we do together is we go flying in little planes,” he says. “He's a private pilot so that's something we do, it’s our little bonding thing. But one thing he’d never done was a chopper ride, so I planned a chopper ride for him with RedBalloon.


“We went out of Sydney Airport, which is where dad used to take me as a kid and watch planes take off and land. So I told him that that's what we were going to be doing and when we got there I said, ‘I can one-up that dad’, and I surprised him with a chopper ride around Sydney Harbour.

“It was seriously one of the coolest things we've done. It was incredible, dad gave it 100 out of 10.”

Jimmy Nicholson carrying his dad Noel in front of a helicopter.
Jimmy took his dad Noel on a Sydney Harbour helicopter flight thanks to RedBalloon. Photo: Supplied

Jimmy, whose aviation career follows in the footsteps of both his father and grandfather, shares that he and his dad are “incredibly close”.

“The apple doesn't fall far from the tree,” he remarks. “He didn't have the best relationship with his old man, so he's very much always supported me and he worked hard to support me through flying. We’re very, very close.”

He adds that his dad always offers him advice, including some recent words of wisdom about married life.

“I think the best advice I was given was to stay curious about your partner,” Jimmy reflects, “which I think was really good advice because it's easy to fall into marriage and then you just get busy, life gets in the way of love and all the rest of it. But I think that's a pretty good tip: stay curious and ask questions.”

Jimmy Nicholson and his dad Noel in the helicopter.
‘It was seriously one of the coolest things we've done. It was incredible.’ Photo: Supplied

Jimmy's number one tip for Father's Day

While he admits he usually gives his dad shirts and socks for Father’s Day, Jimmy believes the best kind of gifts are ones that can be shared together. This is a sentiment shared by 56 per cent of Australians, according to RedBalloon’s research.

“I think activities that are shared are the best because it’s all good and well to say ‘here, go do this’, but I think it's all about actually spending time with your old man,” Jimmy says.

“I love RedBalloon, I've always used them and they are awesome. There are so many different options out there, like you can drive a Lamborghini for the day or you can do old warbird experiences. There's something for everyone.

“There's a whole bunch of different activities, restaurants, all kinds of things you can do on there. So my big tip would be to do something you can do together.”

Here are some of the most popular RedBalloon experiences for Father’s Day 2023:

Find dad the perfect Father’s Day gift now with RedBalloon.

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