Bachelor in Paradise: Timm and Britt's mystery exit shock fans

Bachelor in Paradise couple Timm Hanley and Brittany Hockley have left fans seriously baffled both over their shocking and very sudden exit from paradise on Tuesday evening, and the fact that it barely seemed to register with the rest of the show’s cast.

The pair have found themselves as the swirling centre of drama mainly thanks to Timm’s antics which have been seriously criticised by fans of the show, and on Monday Timm convinced Britt to run away from the show with him to give their relationship a real shot on the outside.

Timm Hanley and Brittany Hockley leave Bachelor in paradise 2020 shocking exit
Timm and Britt decided to ditch the show in a bid to try their relationship in the real world. Photo: Twitter

Saying he felt the show was bringing out the worst in him, and bringing him ‘unstuck’ he boldly asked his newfound love interest to come away with him in the episode’s first few minutes.

“I haven't been myself in here and I've been struggling,” he admitted to a blindsided Britt. “But I asked myself one question. Would I regret leaving paradise without you? And the answer to that is yes.”

Timm Hanley Bachelor in paradise shock exit
Timm felt he was 'coming unstuck' in paradise. Photo: Ten

“I would regret it. And I want to leave with you. And I want to try a relationship on the outside,” he continued. “I think this place is not the right place for me at the moment and I want to leave with you.”

Britt was thrilled at the proposal and agreed straight away, telling producers: “I actually so happy because I want to be absolutely with Timm”.

Timm and Britt beat a hasty, and sudden, retreat. Photo: Ten
Timm and Britt beat a hasty, and sudden, retreat. Photo: Ten


Viewers gobsmacked as Timm and Britt ‘ghost’ the show

Not so happy were viewers of the show who were left gobsmacked at the sudden exit, not least because of the lack of any reaction for the duo’s castmates.

Confused followers of the series flooded social media with their questions and comment amid the pair’s cloak and dagger act, wondering how the hell they slipped away without a single soul realising for the entire episode.

“Did anyone notice that Timm and Brit left? Wasn't even mentioned by the other couples,” one fan pointed out.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“Am I dreaming it or were Brit and Timm nowhere to be seen in that episode??” another who tuned in about 10 minutes too late wondered.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“Hi did I miss a section or something - has there been no scenes of everyone discussing Timm and Brit leaving?” Another confused viewer also wondered

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Others couldn’t believe the others could be so unconcerned over two of the group’s sudden disappearance.

“Is no one concerned that Britt and Timm have just disappeared?” one fan wondered.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Another was disappointed to miss the group’s surprised reactions if indeed that ever happened.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Though it’s unclear exactly why no one noticed or cared that the pair had left, it seems that while the star crossed lovers were escaping over the palace walls, so to speak, the group was distracted by some light entertainment being put on in the waves.

Ciarran and Kiki wear matching yellow swimsuits on Bachelor in Paradise
Ciarran and Kiki unintentionally kept the group distracted while Timm and Britt made a break for it. Photo: Ten

Ciarran rocking a very unusual hairstyle was compared to Snoop Dog in the 1990’s and he and Kiki were matching in yellow swimsuits. That, apparently, was more interesting than one of the few happily paired couples getting the hell out of there.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesday 7:30 pm on Ten.

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