Bachelor in Paradise: Ciarran's promise to ex Renee slammed

Bachelor in Paradise fans have again taken aim at bad boy Ciarran Stott after his ex-girlfriend Renee Barrett made a surprising revelation during Tuesday night’s episode.

The drama unfolded after ‘human lie detector’ Steve Van Aperen spoke to each couple and even addressed Ciarran’s past mistakes, which eventually saw Renee in tears revealing he had actually promised they would reunite in Paradise.

bachelor in paradise ciarran stott
Ciarran was grilled by the 'human lie detector'. Photo: Channel 10

Ciarran mostly shoulder-shrugged his way through the questions from Steve, leaving the expert to think his body language generally didn’t match his verbal answers. He also said that Ciarran and Kiki’s relationship felt staged.

After his chat with the expert, Ciarran pulled Renee aside for a chat, but it made Renee more upset than anything else.

“I might never get the closure that I need, and I need to accept that,” she told cameras before retreating to her room.


Alisha found Renee upset and asked if she had come to Paradise thinking that she and Ciarran would get back together.

“Yeah because he told me that,” Renee admitted, adding it was why she came to Paradise with a ring for his birthday, in hope of reconciliation.

renee barrett bachelor in paradise
Renee reveals Ciarran promised a reunion. Photo: Channel 10

By the end of it Renee tossed the ring into the ocean, yelling “goodbye to the old and hello to the new”.

Viewers of the show were not happy finding out about Ciarran’s supposed promise, taking to social media to vent their frustration.

“Ciarran promised Renee they would be having a reunion in paradise???? HE IS THE F****** WORST,” was one outraged response.

“So in case Ciarran wasn’t already trash enough, he’s also been telling Renee that they would have a reunion in Paradise? God I hate him so much,” was another angry comment online.

Fans also took aim at his apparent lack of regret over cheating on Renee in the first place.

Screenshot of a tweet criticising Ciarran Stott
Bachelor in Paradise fans came out to complain about Ciarran's conduct on the show. Picture: Twitter

“'WOW. Ciarran is literally deranged. Only regret about cheating on Renee is because it negatively affects his own image, not because he hurt her,” one person said on Twitter.

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