The Bachelor: Clue in finale shot proves who wins Locky's heart

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The promotional shot for the finale of The Bachelor Australia 2020 has been revealed and fans think there’s one clue in particular in the snap that proves who wins Locky Gilbert’s heart.

Nurse Irena Srbinovska, 32 and 25-year-old marketing consultant Bella Varelis are tonight vying for 31-year-old Locky’s affection.

The finale shot of The Bachelor Australia
The Bachelor fans think this photo proves who wins the series. Photo: Instagram/thebachelorau

Channel 10 uploaded the shot this morning, with fans instantly saying they already know just by looking at the women in their dresses which one of them wins.

According to some eagle-eyed reality TV viewers, over the past few years, the winner has always stood on the left hand side of the ‘who will he choose’ photo.

Cheldie McLeod and Abbie Chatfield on The Bachelor
Chelsie McLeod stood on the left, with Abbie Chatfield on the right. Photo: Instagram/thebachelorau
Laura Byrne on The Bachelor
Laura Byrne was also standing on the left in her promo shot. Photo: Instagram/thebachelorau
Alex Nation on Richie's season of The Bachelor
Alex Nation stood on the left when she won Richie Strahan's heart. Photo: Instagram/thebachelorau

And looking back on past years, it appears they’re correct, with Chelsie McLleod, Laura Byrne and Alex Nation all standing on the left of the photo.


Every single year, the winner has also worn a lighter colour dress, however, the wardrobe department was shaken up a bit this year, with Bella looking stunning in a dark purple gown while Bella can be seen wearing a brown patterned number.

“Irena is on the left if you go back on the Bachy Insta the one they end up With are the ones on the left when they say who will win,” one fan wrote online.

Snezana Markoski on the 2015 season of The Bachelor
However, back in 2015, Snezana Markoski stood on the right when she was picked by Sam Wood. Photo: Instagram/thebachelorau
Blake Garvey and Sam Frost
Blake Garvey proposed to Sam Frost on season two of the show, before dumping her days later to run off with runner-up Louise Pillidge. Photo: Instagram/thebachelorau
Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich
Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich were the original Bachelor sweethearts. They have married since the show and are set to welcome their first child together soon. Photo: Instagram/thebachelorau

Another agreed, writing: “Well if it's anything like previous seasons, the guy has always chosen the girl on the left in the photo.”

Others think maybe Bella’s purple dress hints that she has won, as Locky was seen in the promo holding a purple stone ring at the finale.

“I hope that the purple stone ring he was holding matches Bella’s outfit?,” one person said.

“It should be Irena BUT he will choose Bella as the ring in the add is purple and matches her dress and ALL the flowers.. its too fitting,” another said.

However, others thought Irena’s dress matched Locky’s outfit, saying: “I thought that the pocket scarf matched Irena’s dress.”

“Locky is wearing a brown mottled pocket square that completely matches what she is wearing. Bella’s dress matches the background but not Locky’s outfit. So devastating,” another said.

The Bachelor Australia season finale airs 7.30 pm Thursday night on Channel 10.

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