Bachelor contestant forbidden from showing tattoos due to ‘copyright’

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A photo of The Bachelor Australia contestant Isabelle Davies wearing a black dress on set in episode four.
Bachelor contestant Isabelle has addressed rumours that producers forced her to hide her tattoos. Photo: Channel 10.

Following her departure from the reality TV show on Thursday night, The Bachelor Australia contestant Isabelle Davies has set the record straight about rumours that she was forced to cover up her tattoos by producers.

In an exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle, the 29-year-old pilates instructor addressed claims that she was made to wear long-sleeved dresses to appear more ‘conservative’ - and to distinguish her from fellow tattooed contestant, Jessica.

Tatt’s not true

The Queenslander’s colourful ‘sleeve’ style tattoo covering her left arm from shoulder to wrist remained hidden in every single episode - a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by eagle-eyed fans.

The truth is It came down to copyright issues, of all things - and had nothing to do with efforts to portray her as a 'girl next door.’

“I’ve got a full Simpson s sleeve and as you know [the show] is owned by 21st Century Fox, so obviously we didn’t want to step on anybody’s toes,” she explained.

The Bachelor Australia is produced by Fox’s direct rival, Warner Bros., and is broadcast by Channel 10, which lost the rights to the iconic animated comedy back in October 2017.

Hence the need to keep her ink - which features several characters from the hit show including Bart, Lisa and Homer - concealed.

Issy went on to say that she could still be herself off camera and show off her sleeve, along with her other tattoos on her feet and legs.

Tattoo twins

Isabelle also poured cold water over suggestions that the network wanted to avoid confusion between herself and fellow bachelorette, Jessica, who is also heavily tattooed.

She did admit to feeling ‘a bit left out’ after Jess became widely known as this season’s ‘tattoo girl.’

“Nobody made the connection that Jess is covered in tattoos and I’m also covered in tattoos,” she said of her ‘secret’ doppelgänger.

“100 percent I did feel a bit left out,” she added, before revealing that the two “got along really well.”

Jess herself cleared up rumours about her strip club past - and the real reason behind her whopping social media following - in an exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle on Thursday.

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