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Award-winning Emma Sleep mattress brand launches whopping sale

You can also score massive savings on pillows and bed frames.

As winter draws in, there's nothing better than a seriously comfy bed to cosy up in each night.

Emma Sleep's award-winning mattresses are hugely discounted between May 16 and 22, giving you the chance to save up to 5% on some of their best-loved products.

Here's what to look out for:

Emma Comfort Mattress - 50% off

CHOICE's top scorer of both 2021 and 2022, this mattress contains Emma's Zero Motion Technology - which means if someone is moving on the other side of the bed, they won't disturb you. It's an all-foam mattress, so it distributes your weight evenly to properly support you while you sleep.

Emma Comfort Mattress
Emma Comfort Mattress is now 50% off. Photo: Supplied

Emma Zero Gravity Mattress - 55% off

This mattress combines foam, pocket springs and an AirGrid system to give optimal pressure relief in any sleeping position. It's Emma Sleep's most breathable mattress and has large air channels to keep you cool all night long.

Emma Zero Gravity Mattress
Emma Zero Gravity Mattress is now 55% off. Photo: Supplied

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress - 55% off

This foam and spring hybrid mattress has seven zones of dynamic support from each layer of foam, which is great for preventing back pain. It also has patented temperature-regulation technology so you're comfortable whatever the weather.

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress
Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress is now 50% off. Photo: Supplied


Emma Sofa Bed - 55% off

This super comfy sofa bed is designed for ease - it takes seconds to set up. There are built-in storage compartments in the armrests, and it's lined with fabric made from recycled plastic.

Emma Sofa Bed
Emma Sofa Bed is now 55% off. Photo: Supplied

Emma Foam Pillow - 55% off

This pillow is fully customisable, so you can adjust it to suit your size and sleeping position. It has three layers of foam, which can be removed, and it's hypoallergenic and breathable.

Emma Foam Pillow
Emma Foam Pillow is now 55% off. Photo: Supplied

Emma Wooden Bed - 55% off

Made from sustainably sourced pine, this bed base has additional leg supports to evenly distribute pressure, and provide support and spine alignment. There's also the option to add drawers underneath for extra storage.

Emma Wooden Bed
Emma Wooden Bed is now 55% off. Photo: Supplied

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