$250 slashed off Dyson stick vacuums in Afterpay Day sale

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If you’ve been thinking of upgrading your vacuum, now is the time. Dyson is offering $200 off two of their latest stick vacuums over the next few days as part of Australia’s Afterpay Day sale.

The Dyson V11 Complete Pro, is down to $1,049 and the V11 Outsize Pro has been discounted to $1,149, with both currently coming with a bonus cleaning kit.

Bing Lee is also slashing $200 off the Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum so you can pick it up for $599, but perhaps the best deal is on offer at Kogan, where you can currently grab a Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead for $549, which is down $250 from the usual price of $899.

a woman using the Dyson V11 Complete Pro stick vaucum
Get your hands on the Dyson V11 Complete Pro for $1,049 this Afterpay Day. Photo: Dyson

Meanwhile over at Catch.com.au, the V8 Animal Extra with four different heads is now on sale for $599 - a discount of $233 - and the V7 Motorhead Origin stick vacuum is down to just $399.

Big W is also wiping $250 off the V7 Animal Origin stick vacuum which is down to just $449.

As these offers are part of Australia’s Afterpay Day sale - which officially starts tomorrow, March 18, and runs until Sunday, March 21 - you can purchase them through Afterpay, which means you can get it now and pay for it over four, fortnightly instalments without interest.

The dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead which is on sale for Afterpay Day
Get $250 off the Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead at Kogan where it's down to $549 from $899 for Afterpay Day. Photo: Dyson

Which Dyson is right for me?

This is a hard question to answer, particularly when there can be a big difference in price between the models, but let's start with a basic breakdown.

The V11 is Dyson's latest series of stick vacuums, following on from the V10, V8 and V7 series - there is no V9 in case you were wondering.

Each generation of vacuum comes in a number of models which is where it gets a little confusing, so you can get the V11 in the Outsize, Complete Pro or Absolute Extra.

The V11 series: what's the difference between the models?

The Outsize has a significantly larger bin size that holds more than double what the Complete Pro and Absolute Extra does, which is helpful if you have a large house, but not so relevant if you live in an apartment. Either way, the bin on these Dysons are very easy to open and empty as there are no bags to fiddle around with.

The Outsize also has a 25% large cleaning head, which is again better if you're covering a larger area, is slightly more powerful and is also almost 500g heavier than the other two V11 models.

Meanwhile, the specifications on the Complete Pro and the Absolute Extra are the same, but the Complete Pro comes with a few extra heads including the mattress tool, flexi crevice tool and an extension hose.

The V10 series: how does it compare to the V11?

Not much changes between the V11 Complete Pro and Absolute Extra and the V10 series models.

They have the same 60 minute run time, same motor technology and bin size, if anything, the V10 series are actually slightly lighter and faster to charge - not to mention cheaper, especially if you take advantage of the $250 discount currently on offer at Kogan.

However, the V11 models come with two main heads, the high torque and fluffy heads, whereas the V10 Cyclone V10 Animal + and Cyclone V10 Motorhead only come with the one direct drive cleaner head.

The difference between the Cyclone V10 Animal + and Cyclone V10 Motorhead is mainly in the accessories, with the Animal + coming with more attachment heads including a mini motorised tool, soft dusting brush and stubborn dirt brush.

So essentially, the Motorhead is more of your basic model and only comes with the standard cleaning head plus a crevice tool and combination tool.

The V8 series: how does it compare to the V10 and V11?

There's a big jump in technology between the V8 models and the newer V10 and V11 series.

For starters, the cyclone technology changes from 14 concentric array cyclones in the V10 and V11s, to a 2 Tier Radial cyclone in the V8s, which gives the later models 30% more suction power.

The V8s also have a shorter run time, and a longer charge time.

However, with those details considered, many shoppers say they don't notice much of a difference between the V10 and V8, despite the sizeable jump in price.

The V10 is better at picking up larger pieces from hardwood floors, but most shoppers concur that they are both very powerful stick vacuums.

What is Afterpay Day?

It’s a twice yearly shopping event where Aussies can enjoy a suite of sales from brands that use Afterpay - which, if you’re not already familiar with it, is like digital layby.

The sales are stretched out over four days and literally thousands of brands are taking part across homewares, beauty, fashion, tech and even luxury items.

You don’t have to use Afterpay to enjoy the savings in the Afterpay Day sales, but if you want to, everything on sale can be purchased through Afterpay.

You can make the most of the sales in store and online, although for some online retailers you’ll need to key in a discount code at the checkout.

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