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Sex toy benefits: Cheeky Aussie brand wants to give you a break

Just in time for International Female Orgasm Day.

As Aussies go over their expenses from the past year to get their tax returns sorted, there's one sex toy brand that wants to address the major buzzkill in the room.

Female-focused company Girls Get Off is petitioning for Aussies to get rebates on sex toys, and there's no better time to drum up support for their cause than International Female Orgasm Day in August.

Founders of Aussie sex toy brand Girls Get Off, Jo Cummings and Vic Conway
Founders of Aussie brand Girls Get Off, Jo Cummings and Vic Conway, are petitioning for sex toys to be tax write-offs. Photo: Supplied

Girls Get Off founders Jo Cummins and Vic Conway are calling on Aussie women to help them take on their biggest mission yet.

"They're the pocket-sized wonders that improve our love lives, boost our moods, and even reduce stress — especially in the pesky tax season. It's fair to say they have a legitimate spot in our lives, so why aren't they recognised as legitimate expenses?" their petition reads.


Since their launch in 2020, Girls Get Off have taken matters (and toys) into their own hands for women to feel empowered about all things sexual pleasure.

"We're all about thinking outside the box on how we can go about normalising female pleasure and we're hoping to get 5,000 signatures on our petition for International Female Orgasm Day," Jo told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Who can claim on sex toys?

Tax preparation company H&R block states on their website: "if you work in the adult industry, you could be looking at a deduction for sex toys, lube and all manner of 'accessories'. You can only claim the business use element. If you use them in your personal activities, forget the tax deduction."

However, Jo and Vic think adult toys should fall under a whole different category altogether. "As it stands, we currently pay tax on all adult toys, but it's time to lean into that post-O clarity. We believe adult toys should fall under the tax category of medical and therapeutic expenses, because ultimately, sexual health is a major player in physical and mental well-being," they argue.

Woman smiling in bed using sex toy
Do you think sex toys should be filed under medical and therapeutic expenses? Photo: Getty

Health benefits of sex toys

Jo and Vic might have a strong case, because according to Healthline the benefits of sex or reaching orgasm include:

  • Lowering blood pressure

  • Burning calories

  • Increasing heart health

  • Strengthening muscles

  • Reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke, and hypertension

Healthline also says women can benefit further from orgasm-inducing activities by having improved bladder control, relief from menstrual cramps, improved fertility, reduced incontinence, stronger pelvic muscles and improved vaginal lubrication.

If getting some money back for reaching "the big O" sounds like your kind of vibe (pun intended), you can sign the petition here.

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