Aussie reveals unlikely $2.30 tile cleaning hack: 'Wow - they're like new!'

An unlikely product got this woman's floor tiles 'looking like new'.

One Aussie has shared her super simple hack for achieving sparkly clean floors in no time at all, but her method is anything but ordinary.

While there are dozens of floor cleaners on the market, the woman used an unlikely product to get her outdoor floor tiles “looking like new”, something she discovered after trying several other cleaning methods without success.

Sharing her trick on a popular Decor and Hacks Facebook+ page, she revealed that she ditched the usual floor cleaners for a $2.30 toilet cleaner with mind-blowing results.

“I have to share this! What a journey!” she began, explaining that her dogs had destroyed her back patio tiles, leaving them in an absolute mess.

“The tiles are porous & very hard to clean! I bought Ozito pressure cleaner = fail. Bought 30-second cleaner = fail,” she shared alongside before and after photos of her back patio.

“Decided to try toilet cleaner. SUCCESS! It cost me $9.20 and only took about 30 minutes.”

tile cleaning hack

Surprisingly, the everyday household toilet cleaner left her tiles looking ‘like new’ with the incredible before and after photos showing off hew shiny back patio tiles.

The woman revealed that she had used four different types of heavy-duty cleaners before trying the budget Ultra Coles-brand toilet cleaner, which required barely any hard work on her part.

“After all the money and time I wasted on products for those tiles! The answer was in my bathroom!” She told other members of the Facebook group.


Explaining how she did it, the woman said she first did a test patch on the dirtiest part of her floor and let it sit for five minutes before wiping it clean. After that worked, she covered the area in the toilet cleaner using a broom to “swirl the cleaner all over” before hosing it off.

She added that there was minimal scrubbing involved and that the cleaner practically worked by itself.

tile cleaning hack Coles toilet cleaner

“I did no scrubbing at all. Any parts that had real build-up, I just let the cleaner work for longer. Hosing off took longer than cleaning,” she added.

Fellow group members were equally as impressed with her results.

“That is great to know. Great tip for cleaning tiles,” one person commented.

“Omg wow, what a difference I might try that on mine,” added another.

A third person confirmed that it had also worked for her, saying that it was a great way of cleaning tile grout.

While some warned that using a chlorine bleach-heavy cleaner wasn’t a good idea on some types of tiles, including Travertine tiles, the woman said her next step was to have the tiles sealed.

Either way, the cleaner certainly did the job!

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