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Aussie mum's oven-cleaning secret wipes away 'months of filth' in minutes

Cleaning an oven is one of those tedious tasks homeowners usually avoid, but one woman has shown exactly how to get the tiresome job done in under 10 minutes, with amazing results.

The Aussie homeowner recently tackled the daunting task of cleaning "eight months of filth" that had piled up in her oven and posted the results online.

Sharing her impressive before-and-after photos on the Facebook cleaning page Mums Who Clean, the woman revealed her secret was The Pink Stuff cleaning paste and a sponge.

Before and after photos of an oven after cleaning
The oven grime that had built up over eight months came right off. Photo: Facebook

"Paid $9 and used the smallest amount... seriously took less than 10 mins to clean my oven," she raved.

"First time using this product and I'm super impressed.

"I used an Aldi sponge and scouring pad, very little pressure and it came off so easily," she said.

Available at Amazon, Coles, Bunnings and Chemist Warehouse, the popular cleaning paste retails for as little as $5.


A cream cleaner, multi-purpose spray, foam cleaner and oxi-powder stain remover are also part of The Pink Stuff's range, but it seems the paste is the stand-out, receiving constant praise from happy homeowners.

The Pink Stuff cleaner
The paste has picked up a cult following in Australia and the UK for its incredible cleaning power. Photo: Facebook.

"It's great stuff! Cleans the shower like a dream," one group member replied.

"I jumped on this bandwagon and it took 5 minutes and cleaned up like new," added another. "I loathe cleaning the oven but I'll do it more often now."

"I love this product I use it on nearly everything," agreed someone else.

Some people said they'd even considered buying a new oven until trying the cleaner.

It isn't just homeowners who are hot for the product, with a professional cleaner commenting: "I'm a cleaner and I swear by all of the pink stuff products, the bathroom spray is amazing!"

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