Aussie OnlyFans star reveals 'disgusting' $1000 request: 'Horrific'

WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: An OnlyFans star has detailed a "disgusting" request she refused to do despite being offered $1000 for the act.

Bailey Scarlett, who was born in New Zealand but is one of Australia's highest-earning OnlyFans stars, revealed on a podcast the 'weirdest' video request she received from a follower.

"One of the most bizarre things I have probably got is a guy requested that he would pay me I think it was like between $800 and $1000 US dollars to sit in my shower, get a litre of milk, drink the whole litre of milk and do a warm – these are his words, not mine – a warm milky puke all over myself," she told the Dos and D Show.

"It's disgusting. And, like, he wanted me to make myself gag and like literally throw up constantly on myself, it was horrific."

Bailey Scarlett poses in a white bikini.
Bailey Scarlett reveals a 'disgusting' request from a subscriber. Source: Instagram

When podcast hosts Daniel Schuller and Wayde Dos asked if she considered the offer, the Melbourne influencer said, "No, not for one second".

"Knowing my luck this would be something that would stay on the internet and with me forever," she said.

"And you could Google my name and there was me in the shower and like a big, milky spew ... so I was just like absolutely not, like I can't even make myself vomit."


She added she received all sorts of different requests, however that was the only time she had ever been asked to do the lewd shower act.

"A lot of requests are just sort of teasy videos and like, you know, boobs and a** and things like that and like a lot of strip teasing and things like that," she said.

Bailey added she had been requested to film instructional videos, but that was not something she had done.

OnlyFans star reveals eye-watering earnings

Bailey was asked on the podcast how much she earned on the adult-subscription website, with her revealing the whopping amount she made in her first month.

"I think I made about $25,000," she said.

"That's when I started to be like, you know, f*** everyone, screw you all.

Bailey Scarlett poses in a white skirt and purple cut-out top.
Bailey Scarlett says she made $25,000 in her first month on the platform. Source: Instagram

"I kind of got a bit more confidence and started to get sort of like, less anxious, because this kind of money is what's going to set me up, you know what I mean? This kind of money is going to provide my son security for his future and get him into a good school and things like that.

"So after that, like when I saw the money, I was like, you know, who cares?

"If it's not [people's] job choice, don't do it."

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