Aussie mum's heartbreaking Christmas confession: 'Really sad'

Hundreds of people rallied around her to offer advice and kind words.

Hundreds of women have rallied around an Aussie mum who made a heartbreaking confession about Christmas. The mum posted on a popular Facebook group, saying that she was ‘glad Christmas was over’.

In her emotional post, she revealed that she had spent hours making sure her family’s presents were wrapped while her husband slept. When Christmas morning came around, she noticed that there were no presents for her under the tree.

Woman wrapping Christmas presents up in her lounge
A mum was left heartbroken on Christmas Day after her husband's act. Photo: Getty

“I absolutely love Christmas but boy am I glad it’s over. Did all the Christmas wrapping including Santa all by myself while my husband was asleep on the sofa. Didn’t get to sleep until 12.30am, then back awake at 5.00am as the kids couldn’t control their excitement that Santa came,” she wrote.

“Half asleep watching them open their presents and noticed that there wasn’t any for me. I [bought] my husband presents that he wanted. I have told him previously what I would like. Like perfume, [a] handbag, and books."

When she asked her husband if he had perhaps forgotten to wrap her Christmas presents, he revealed that he hadn’t purchased anything for her at all. His excuse was that he didn’t have enough time, even though he had been on holiday for a week.

“I don’t care for presents. Just love seeing the smile on my kids’ faces. But it’s just the way my husband said [it]. He is home on weekends. He has been on work holiday since last Monday,” she added.


Sadly, many mums chimed in and said that they could relate to this situation, as their partner also doesn’t buy them a gift.

“I do the same, do everything and my husband never buys me a thing, it just hurts. I make sure everyone has a gift no matter how small, and he just can’t be bothered. It really hurts your soul and I always end up in tears,” one person admitted.

“I know how it feels. I shop, wrap, do the Santa thing at night then sit there watching the children open their presents, even the husband, and I get nothing and nobody notices. It hurts,” another added.

Presents under the Christmas tree
Nobody gave the mum a present on Christmas day. Photo: Getty

“This happens to me too. It’s not that I didn’t get a present, it’s the fact that no one cared enough to think about me,” a third remarked.

“I used to have one of those husbands, note the past tense. Please don’t allow yourself to be treated like you don’t matter when you do!” another advised.

The mum was also supported by many group members who told her to go and spoil herself on Boxing Day.

“That’s awful. There is absolutely no excuse for doing that. It’s not about the gift, it’s the lack of care. I’m so sorry,” a member commented.


“There’s no excuse at all for not buying your partner a Christmas gift. It’s the same day every year, you can’t forget about it or ‘not have time’…there’s 365 days to get it sorted,” added another.

“That’s just really sad. My husband and daughter go shopping for me on Christmas Eve. She’s now 33 and they still go…have to admit the presents are a bit better now than they were 30 years ago lol…they love it. Kids need to learn about giving and that includes the whole shopping, choosing and wrapping process,” a third said.

“No presents for him next year. No excuses for not buying you anything given like you said he finished work on Monday. Plenty of online options if he hates the shops. He could [have] got you a gift voucher at the very least,” another wrote.

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