Aussie mum shares 'incredible' deck cleaning hack using $19 Bunnings product

An accident while doing household chores has led to an amazing discovery.

An Aussie mum has gone viral after sharing her accidental cleaning hack on Facebook and wowing other mums with the results. Posting to the Mums who Clean Facebook page, the Perth woman explained how she was cleaning her outdoor fly screens with WD40 when she accidentally sprayed some on her decking.

"I cleaned my fly screens using WD40 - always do - they come up beautiful,” she explained. “I accidentally sprayed some on my decking. Thought oh well - in for a penny - so I carried on cleaning the decking with it. Looks ace! Hope I've not done something stupid though."

The end result looked great, and the woman's fellow cleaning mums raved about her sparkling clean decking.

The woman's sparkling clean deck next to a can of WD40
The Perth woman was shocked to find her deck was left sparkling clean after accidentally spraying it with WD40. Photo: Facebook/Bunnings

“Oh WOW!! That looks great,” one person said.

“Looks damn good, great job,” agreed another.

“Deck looks fabulous," replied someone else.

"WD40 helps repel spiders and creepy crawlies as well. Win! Win!”

Lots of cleaning mums had questions about the hack too with over 400 people commenting, but as the woman explained, there's no trick: just rub it on and leave it on.

“I just sprayed onto a cloth and rub it in on both sides,” she said regarding the fly screen.

WD40 being sprayed on a cloth
Spraying WD40 on to a cloth and then applying it to different things around the home can offer up some amazing cleaning results. Photo: Bunnings

The decking was even easier, with just one side to clean. “I just sprayed liberally on a floor cloth mop thingy and rubbed gently. It was honestly sooooo easy. Very rewarding result,” she responded.

The mum went on to reveal how she used the dry spray WD40 available at Bunnings for $19.45 to achieve the results.

While most people loved the idea, some people did offer up a small warning.

“Isn’t it petroleum-based and would make it more flammable?” one person said, with another agreeing and saying, “Great idea but wouldn’t want to have anyone light up a cigarette.”

Other WD40 hacks

Meanwhile, dozens of others said they’d been using WD40 throughout their home for years to clean everything from shower screens and stainless steel items to timber furniture.

Using WD40 to clean drawings from a wall
Dozens of others shared their WD40 cleaning hacks with many saying they have been using the cult-product for years around their home. Photo: Bunnings

“It’s good for really badly built-up soap scum on shower screens too," one person shared. "I spray on a cloth, polish on and then buff off with a clean one. Not recommend for usual cleaning, but great for really bad glass as it’s a degreaser."

“I use WD40 to clean stainless steel fridges too,” someone else said. “I use WD40 on our wooden outdoor furniture - brings it up a treat," agreed another. "It won't hurt your decking at all, but it will bring out the colour."

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