Aussie KFC fans 'blown away' by secret menu - here's how to access it

Unlock the Colonel's hidden snacks.

Hold onto your buckets folks, we've got something juicy to share: KFC has a secret menu. That's right, the Colonel has been keeping a stash of "unreleased treats" hidden away, just waiting to tantalise your taste buds.

You won't find these items on the standard menu and you can't order them over the counter, but don't worry, we have step-by-step instructions on how to unlock this treasure trove of Kentucky fried deliciousness.

KFC secret menu
The KFC secret menu is an app exclusive and changes regularly. Photo: KFC (KFC app)

A Facebook user sent fast-food fans into a frenzy by revealing how to access the menu through the KFC mobile app. To uncover the hidden items, the woman explained, simply scroll down to refresh and hold the screen until the Secret Menu option appears.

The happy customer shared photos of the Kentucky Snack Pack she ordered from the secret menu, which included fries loaded with popcorn chicken, and cost her only $5.95 despite its "huuuuge" size.


Others shared their own experiences with the Kentucky Snack Pack, with some suggesting the portion sizes are unpredictable. "I got it tonight and was blown away by the size of it for $5.95," one customer wrote. "I've ordered this twice and have always had leftovers," responded another.

"Sometimes it's really full and amazing value, other times it's a glorified Go Bucket and presents little value," a disappointed KFC fan warned. "I must've just been unlucky or whoever made mine was in a horrible mood," commented someone else.

KFC's Kentucky Snack Boxes filled with popcorn chicken and fries
Unlock the Kentucky Snack Box, available on KFC's secret menu for just $5.95. Photo: Facebook (Facebook)

How to access KFC's Secret Menu

If you're keen to try your luck, check out this guide to reveal the secrets of Colonel Sanders' hidden menu of mouthwatering goodies:

1. Open the KFC Mobile App, select the store and begin your online order.

2. On the menu page, scroll down to refresh the screen. Hold the screen in place for 10 seconds.

3. At the top, a message will fade in: "SSSHHH! What secret menu?!"

4. Press "Unlock" to access the secret menu.

Menu constantly changing

The KFC Secret Menu currently includes three items: the Zinger Stacker Twister, the BBQ Bacon and Cheese Twister, and the Kentucky Snack Box, but this menu changes regularly with snacks so exclusive they've never made it to the regular menu.

KFC's Kentucky Slider
The Kentucky Slider, decribed as "juicy Original Tender, coleslaw, cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce all wrapped up in a fluffy flatbread tortilla" has previously appeared on the KFC Secret Menu. Photo: KFC (KFC)

Previous hidden items include the Zinger Chipster (spicy chicken strips and chips in a wrap), the Nug-a-Lot (chicken fillet burger with extra chicken nuggets), the Kentucky Slider (a fluffy flatbread tortilla stuffed with Original Tenders, coleslaw and BBQ sauce), and the Beese Churger (a Zinger fillet with cheese, mayo and flipped burger buns).

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