KFC's 'secret' menu item divides TikTok: 'Monstrosity'

Fast-food fans are all aflutter over KFC's latest menu item, the brand new Pizza Double which has left some drooling and others not so sure.

The fresh creation features pepperoni slices, classic Italian-inspired pizza sauce and oozy cheese sandwiched between two spicy Zinger fillets acting as the bun.

TikTok food reviewer @aussie_qbbq holding KFC's new menu item, the Pizza Double
TikTok foodie @aussie_qbbq tried KFC's new menu item, the Pizza Double. Photo: TikTok/aussie_qbbq.

TikTok food reviewer @dub.eats.everything shared a taste-test video with his followers on Wednesday when the Pizza Double was released.

"Mmm, it's like a fried chicken pizza," he said.

But fans' opinions in the comments section were mixed, with one writing, "That looks unreal" while another reported they "Didn't like the pizza sauce with the fried chicken."

If you're keen to try the limited-time treat for yourself, it's available for contact-free pickup from KFC restaurants or for delivery exclusively via the KFC App until October 4.


KFC's new 'secret menu' item is the Pizza Double burger. Photo: TikTok/aussie_qbbq.
KFC's 'secret menu' item, the Pizza Double burger is available by swiping down on the app. Photo: TikTok/aussie_qbbq.

That's not all the Colonel has up his sleeve. There's also a cheeky addition to KFC's 'secret' menu in the form of the Pizza Double burger, which is like the Pizza Double except it's housed in a burger bun.

TikTok foodie @aussie_qbbq got his hands on both versions, declaring them "Pretty good" in his video. Again, his followers were divided in their opinions on the new menu additions.

"Ok I'm up for a monstrosity," wrote one in the comments, with another adding, "Getting this tomorrow".

"Had it last night, pretty average tbh," admitted a third.

To access the Pizza Double burger, customers need to 'swipe down' on the KFC app to open the secret menu section.

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