Aussie influencer's 'horrible' find after returning to scene of viral photo

Photo: mariefeandjakesnow
The changes horrified the couple. Photo: mariefeandjakesnow

A travel blogging couple have posted side by side photos showing how a stunning wonder of nature can be destroyed in just 12 months.

Australian influencer Jake Snow and his German girlfriend Marie Fe, fell in love with the beauty of the pink sand and turquoise water of Indonesia’s Komodo National Park, and quickly dubbed it their favourite beach in the world.

When the photogenic Instagram stars returned to the beach a year later, they were horrified to see the exact same spot on the beach covered in plastic litter.

“2018 PINK BEACH to 2019 PLASTIC BEACH” the caption reads on the account Marie Fe and Jake Snow.

Photo: mariefeandjakesnow
This is the couple's 'before' photo. Photo: mariefeandjakesnow
Photo: mariefeandjakesnow
And this is what they found on their return 12 months later. Photo: mariefeandjakesnow

“It is easy to stay quiet and hide the problem, it is hard to speak out and call for action,” they said.

“This problem won’t fix itself, we need to be brave, we need to demand better from ourselves and others.

“This isn’t someone else’s problem, this problem is all of ours!”

The side-by-side photos published on World Earth Day are frighteningly different, and the couple also encouraged other influencers to raise awareness. They called on their peers to not position or edit their photos in ways that hide litter, but rather show it like they have.

They’re also calling on their 16,000 followers to spread the word and have asked fellow travellers to use the hashtag #PlasticParadise to highlight similar spots that have been ravished by plastic pollution.

Followers of the couple have also been shocked with one person writing, “We don't deserve the beauty that is this Earth.”

“So important, thank you for showing the reality,” a fellow travel lover posted.

“This is so so sad. It breaks my heart. I want to help,” another person added.

The message seems to be working with more than 52,000 likes and almost 3,500 people using the hashtag.