Aussie bride saves thousands with Kmart wedding hack

Bianca Soldani
Bianca achieved a stunning bridal look – and saved thousands – with flowers from Kmart. Photo: Matt Elliott Photography

Getting married is an expensive exercise, but this Aussie bride found a way to slash thousands off her total bill with a nifty hack from Kmart.

Bianca and Adam tied the knot at the end of last month on Melbourne’s picturesque Mornington Peninsular, and slashed their spend on florals by opting for synthetic flowers mixed in with real greenery.

A massive Kmart fan, Bianca was drawn to the idea after a bridal florist charged her for a quote.

“The price of flowers themselves are just so insane,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “I actually even got quoted $50 just to get a quote.”

“At that point I knew that my mum could do better, she’s always been so creative and clever with things.”

They mixed in olive leaves from their home garden. Photo: Matt Elliott Photography
Kmart sells bunches of peonies and roses for $5 each.Photo: Kmart

Together, Bianca and her mum Debra combined the $5 bunch of peonies with the $5 bunch of white roses and added some olive leaves from their home garden.

They also decorated the arbor for the ceremony, and arranged bouquets for the bridesmaids and flower girls.

“All up I think we spent about $70,” she says, “I would say we saved anywhere from $500 plus, depending upon who you see.”

Bridal bouquets generally start at $150, and according to Money Smart, Australian couples spend an average of $2,900 on flowers and decorations for their big day.

Bianca’s mum Debra was the creative behind the flowers. Photo: Matt Elliott Photography

Adding to the success was the fact that the guests who knew the flowers were from Kmart, couldn’t believe the final result.

“Our guests had the most amazing day and the ones who know they are Kmart flowers were in shock,” Bianca says.

“The flowers have just blown my mind! I’m a very lucky girl to have such a talented mum, I knew she’d nailed the flowers!”

They also made bouquets for the bridesmaids and flower girls. Photo: Matt Elliott Photography

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